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  1. I've been doing a mix of stuff. I'm currently going for 80 agility on my uim for the fire battlestaff shortcut. i started mep1 for my master clue and did light puzzle for the first time. I found that brute forcing was a lot easier at least to me. Now it reqs 80 slay and I'm only 61 atm on my uim so going to get a fury and start slayer :D On my main I started to go for max on osrs along with my rs3 goals. I was doing achievement tasks on Ocean Breeze but now started to do strength. Acapnotic Ocean Breeze RiskyReward
  2. Acapnotic 104 invention Ocean Breeze 99 attack ice warrior platelegs RiskyReward 61 mining 71 agility easy clue tasks (will be updating this list on front page as I complete and will add pics of ones completed to this post if I complete today) tasks left to complete on Ocean Breeze ardougne-5 daemenheim-11 desert-11 falador-5 fremennik-8 karamaja-12 moytania-21 seers-13 tirannwn-23 varrock-17
  3. Acapnotic 102 invention Ocean Breeze 97 attack RiskyReward 46 herb 69 mage
  4. Ocean Breeze 91 hunter RiskyReward 42 farming 50 runecrafting (can finally use large pouch) nice milestone for a uim easy falador diary done (was going to do med also for better chance of med clues from guards but i need crystal key and a watermelon so I'll wait on that. I ended up getting a medium clue pretty fast anyways. no problem. Only need a hard/elite for master clue unlock now
  5. Acapnotic: 101 invention law ethereal set completed Ocean Breeze 96 attack RiskyReward 49 runecrafting
  6. edit: saved post. it glitched and posted my last post twice
  7. I got maxed cape back on my main finally. So happy :D also got phoenix pet on my main now. Acapnotic Ocean Breeze RiskyReward forgot to add this 20 attack on classic and can now use the mith 2h someone gave me
  8. Acapnotic My best achievemtns that were recent Acapnotic my invention pics Meg Cases Acapnotic Osrs Acapnotic clues
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