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  1. Nice to meet you too! I mainly play RS3, but I have been on OSRS more lately. Thank you! I'll be sure to add next time i'm on! Thank you! It's good to be back.
  2. My name is Kylie! I played RS for the first time back in '05-'06. I was introduced to RuneScape through a couple of friends who wanted me to play with them and quest/travel around/skill with them. I played casually and never was interested in the story or anything really specific, I only got on when my friends would call and we would talk on the phone while playing. I believe my biggest achievement on that account was getting a full set of mithril and wearing it around because I liked the color. After a year my friends and I got bored and stopped playing, and my mother didn't want to keep paying for membership so she deleted my account. (I don't know why she didn't just cancel it..) I to this day cannot remember my username for that account, and I kinda fear it would be stupid. I forgot about RuneScape after that until BrutalMoose made a video on RS Classic. My interest for RuneScape was peaked again so I decided to try and play again. I joined in September of 2015, to a tutorial I didn't like in the slightest, but once I got into the game I ended up liking it a lot.
  3. Currently on OSRS, spearing Tuna in Catherby...

  4. First off, I love this thread, it is so interesting seeing what people were scammed for ten years ago. Really cool to see these posts. I've never been scammed before, people seem to pay me no mind, at least in RS3. Someone tried to lure me into the wildy part of the Edgeville dungeon in RS3. I believe I was a level 50-something wearing full rune. Sucks for them, because i'm mostly antisocial and just went, "No thanks" and kept walking as they called me a noob. Full rune isn't even worth that much, I don't know what they were trying to do. On OSRS I've had some people try to get my attention for stupid stuff and then they'd follow me around calling me noob. Yeah, I was a lvl. 20, I knew I was a noob, thanks.
  5. Honestly I like both. On my first account I played back in '05 and '06, I really enjoyed the game, but never got too far into questing, the story, ect. All I really played Runescape for was to be able to talk with my friends on the phone and play with them. That is it. My account I use now I joined in September of 2015. I thought I wouldn't like RS3, but what do you know, I ended up loving it. It's where almost all of my hours playing are spent. It was a bumpy start with the new tutorial though, I didn't like starting in Ashdale and doing a quest vs. tutorial island. I didn't start playing OSRS until probably March of this year. While I love that they brought back the RS I (kinda) knew as a kid, I just don't like the people in the community that are CONSTANTLY bashing RS3. I NEVER see anyone in RS3 bashing OSRS. It makes OSRS's community seem kinda...hostile to me. It really drives me away from OSRS and sometimes I just don't want to get on because "If you like RS3, you're an idiot" (I've heard worse insults too, just didn't want to put them here. But I do really enjoy playing OSRS. I find it fun, and I love that even though it is an older version of RS, they still update it. Though I want to say one thing. "RS3 isn't the original RS." Where is your old account located? That is what I thought.
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