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  1. Hi, I am Anthony, and I am awesome! I have joined this community in hopes that I will find the support that I need to continue playing RuneScape and one day max my character, which will be a very long process from where I am at now. I have just returned to RuneScape after dealing with some major personal issues for the past year, and I am planning on maxing out my character one day, and starting RuneScape's most amazing clan in the world (If anyone is interested in founding a clan with me, check out this thread.). I am very friendly and would love to find some people to play with and help make the process much less boring. Feel free to add me in-game! RSN: I Am Anthony
  2. Hi there! I am looking for a few experienced founders for the best clan in the world. Why the best clan? Well, because I am Anthony...and I am awesome. On a serious note, I am looking for a few players, preferably with experience in running a clan. I believe that a clan should not have very high requirements, as that will only limit the potential number of members we could have. The level requirements for joining the clan will be 80 combat or 1000 total level. This will be a social clan, along with many events and activities, such as mini-games and bossing. Positions Available: Head of Recruitment - Stringzzz Head of Enforcement Head of Events Citadel Manager* I am eager to meet everyone and hopefully we can get a great clan started for everybody to enjoy! Interested? Join my friends chat or PM me in-game for more information. *In order to become the Citadel Manager, it is an absolute must that you have past experiences working with the citadel. Thanks, Anthony
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