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  1. It's been some time but I achieved some notable stuff so thought I'd post. thank you! These will be in random order but consist of kraken pet,dragon chain drop, 98s,sote, and a master clue reward +updated stats.
  2. Those are the main things I've been working on. Also working on getting the treasure totem piece from bgh on Disbarring. Double surge :D 90 smithing :D 80 fletching :D 80 hunter :D 80 agility :D
  3. 85 Construction :D This is what I was working on since last time With this I used a tea+crystal saw to build almost a full house that I need only lacking the fairy ring+spirit tree but not that big of deal for now going to work on 80+ all skills now
  4. You can talk to one of the npcs at the ritual area for it again.
  5. 99 mining :D The soft clay in the loot pic is from cashing in my nuggets. I believe this was from 83-99 without the extra loot from diaries.. I didn't have the reqs and I really wanted this out of the way
  6. 97 mining :D So happy! Almost sad that I'll soon leave this place though. My next skill will be construction (currently 72)
  7. Instead of working on the reqs for the light within right away, I'm going to work on some quests that I can do first to narrow down this list. I got my sunspear to lv 10 and got a decent xp boost :D I was camping vyrelords but started to do a bit of slayer. Disbarring:
  8. I finally finished 99 runecrafting. I'll be working on 95+ dungeoneering now possibly 99. Disbarring: 99 runecrafting a couple friends congratsing me Keepsaked 73 thieving Saurophagous
  9. Disbarring


    Sorry to hear :( I wish you the best through this troublesome time .
  10. My biggest achievements since last time has to be unlocking Priff/inv :D so happy! Disbarring: Within the light plague's end (Priff!!!!!!!!!!) 80 smith (unlocked inv) 2100 total clues bowl region skilling Saurophagous
  11. I think it's time to finally update this. I'll try to update at least every other day to show what I've been up to. I'm closing in on priff and invention. Disbarring: My best moment since then was getting a dragon pickaxe. I got 15 mins after someone crashed me. Karma :P It took about 3 hours including hopping etc. The time I camped before it took me 56 hours so I've so happy for that. Golden mining suit took me 8 hours or so. dragon pick quests Saurophagous treasure hunter
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