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  1. My laptop broke down for few days. So I was not able to play. Sucks.
  2. Bond ended today and I have decided not to buy it again due to the fact that I'm having quite some work to do at school. Will post new goals later while f2p.
  3. Decided not to stay F2p any more and bought a bond. New goals soon.
  4. Thanks! I will try this out and post my results/review later.
  5. Changed my goals a little bit. Now going to go for 50 mining with banking iron ores.
  6. Hello, So I had this idea to start a little blog. It will be mostly for myself - so I could keep track on how I'm doing and what I've achieved in "x" amount of time. Little comment - I am not going to grind all day everyday, just playing casually 1-3 hours a day. Stats when starting this blog [17.11.2016]: Stats on 17.01.2017 [Time spent online 10 days 20 hours 53 minutes] Current stats: Current Goals: Green = High Priority Yellow = Medium Priority Red = Low Priority Dragon Slayer Quest - Achieved @24.12.2016 80 Cooking - Achieved @15.12.2016 80 Fletching - Achieved @21.12.2016 80 Firemaking (Wintertodt) - Achieved @15.01.2017 Full Pyromancer set - Achieved @21.01.2017 (194 KC) 99 Firemaking (Wintertodt)
  7. Thanks for updates. Really easy way to follow the competition.
  8. Hello! My name is Kudayoru and I'm an 18 years old guy from Latvia. I'm currently going to High-School. I used to play Runescape alot untill I quitted 3 or 4 years ago. Now I decided to start again and I created an OSRS account that I plan on leveling. I have a plan to create a progress blog somewhere around here. I hope you all have a nice day. Keep grinding, Kudayoru
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