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  1. Hey there! I started playing runescape around the same time that you did! My brother showed me the game, and I was hooked! I also played it on and off since then. I've been on it pretty consistently lately though. :)
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! :) Finding everything pretty good. haha.
  3. Hey there! Just stopping in to say hello. I'm new to Tip.It. I've been playing Runescape on and off for several years. I just started as a P2P in 2016, and have really enjoyed it. Feel free to send a message my way, or add me on RS3! :D Lamchopi
  4. ========================================== RS3 Quest ........................... Heroes' Quest Gang Type Required ......... Black Arm Gang Private message me .......... Yes Additional Information ..... Your help will be greatly appreciated! Please do not hesitate to add me on RS. My username is: Lamchopi. :D========================================== DONE!
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