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  1. OsBuddy. Eating a shark will not make you poor and on the other hand will make fishers very happy! Wrong. Why do you have a problem with what other people like and play? If you think rs3 is better, you play rs3. If you think 07scape is better, you play that. No big deal. ''Worst of all no mithril dragon'' ''Wrong'' i compared the designs between mirthril dragon in modern rs and oldschool rs and im dying of laughter.
  2. I just checked my Account Status as well: Banned: Due to the nature of the offence(s) you have committed, your account has been permanently banned Offence: Real World Trading Major Type: Ban Offence Date: 03-Apr-2017 Offence Expiry: Permanent Offence EvidenceYour account has been involved in serious rule-breaking. We don't currently share any evidence we hold relating to this type of rule breaking, as to do so may compromise our detection methods. Guess thats my account gone forever. Great.
  3. i just did and it said this: Accountbanned Your user account has been banned from the Forums for breaking the rules in game. You will not be able to post on the Forums until this ban has ended or been lifted. Please refer to the Wiki for more information. Then i do believe i was hacked.
  4. Take 28 days for what? Get possibly unbanned or for it to get reviewed by a staff? This is so ridiculous...
  5. I haven't played on my main account (old school runescape) for at least a year. Though, when i try to login, it says ''Your account has been disabled. Please check your message-centre for details.'' Is this a ban? Because i believe i didn't do anything bad against the rules...Someone help and explain?
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