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  1. itookthecake


    Opinions - The fingers should be pointing towards the sword handle instead of away from it. The cape and the sword hilt are too similar in color. The pauldron should be wider at the bottom instead of the top. The ankles go a little too high, but that would take more than 45 seconds in ms paint to change.
  2. itookthecake


    I don't know about salmonella regulations specifically, but most likely because A) something got past quality control or B) it's discovered that food safety standards aren't being met. A) When you're producing many units of something on a large scale, it can quickly get very difficult to check whether each unit is up to par, especially if testing requires units to be destroyed as is often the case with foodstuffs. There are organizations (the FDA in the United States, for example) that decide how much and what kind of testing is required. Because it's not reasonable to check every single piece of chicken, it's possible for defective/unsafe units to get through. On top of that, there are many different kinds of salmonella (some more harmful to humans than others) and it takes time for the infection to be noticed and then confirmed by a doctor. On top of that, it's hard to determine the source of the infection from just one case, and more testing (time) is required to figure out what kind of salmonella is being dealt with. You can figure out where an instance of salmonella came from before knowing exactly what you're dealing with. Even if you do know what kind of salmonella it is, it can still be worth recalling because B) It's possible the infections happened in the first place because corners were being cut during quality control or manufacturing. By not following the rules set by the standards organization, it can be difficult to tell what caused the problem in the first place and whether any other problems exist.
  3. itookthecake


    http://mivvqsdg.jigsy.com/ I found this strange website. Ctrl+f tip.it. Do any of you know what this is supposed to be? There is stuff about Adrenal, Racheya, Wongtong, and a bunch of other names I don't recognize or remember. Is it some sort of archive?
  4. itookthecake


    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitBED2_mcUjpAzNQQITuow I managed to find the channel in case anyone else was wondering.
  5. itookthecake


    Did you decide on a list of acceptable adjectives or is there some sort of tool/dictionary available that tells you which of your palletes a given input is closest to? Several years ago someone made a tif youtube channel. I'm remember there being a video of Jaerk doing a room tour and somebody with a creepy piano music tutorial. I can't find the channel, so could somebody please link to it?
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