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  1. I'm from RSC as well. I came here to link up with old friends. Unfortunately, it seems that even most of the 'old old' crowd here are still 5 years after I began (which was 2001) :(. It is crazy to see all those posts about "Old school players", and when I look at them they are referring to 2005ish.... I don't even feel old - I feel like an ancient being from before the earth was formed lol.
  2. Hey guys! It's SPG here. I played in the early years of runescape. I can't recall the exact timeline, except that it was pre-sept 11. So 2001 and earlier! Tip.it was a big home to me and I recognize alot of friends in this thread. A friend at work got me thinking about Runescape again, and I searched my old username. I found records here and also in a list of ~4000 players from 2001! I wonder how large the RS population was back then? I must have been about 10 years old then... I originally made "sadpoorguy" as a begging account since begging was my first profession. Then I met an older player named The Big Bear. The Big Bear financed me and guided me into becoming a miner/smith. I remember getting very very dedicated and doing a lot of adamantium work for people. At the time there was only one player who could smith Runite - Bluerose13x. I can't believe it has been almost two decades. I still have some trace memories of that whole time. All the AOL/MSN messages with you guys. When the word filter was added that restricted in-game chat in Runescape. Having to manage that crazy hacker girl who was stalking the admin, Lightning. When that hacker took tip.it forums down repeatedly in spam attacks. A lot of great convos and getting to know you guys Some noob named dragonskillz who made a huge rage video after he got banned - video involved his character pooping on Andrew Gower and other similar things. Pker Dude Jr I remember you were pretty skilled and I always admired you. You started that Runescape bounty thing, where people could put bounties on others. I think I put a bounty on myself - or something like that. I also vaguely remember paying you to guard me in wilderness as a bodyguard while I mined at one point. Mad4u An awesome player and 'mom' of the tip.it regulars. Gave me great girl advice on AOL. You and I both fell into the trap of spending too much time on Tip.It and too little on Runescape actually playing. Das Leader of the tip.it regulars. You were a pal the whole time. I'm amazed that you are still around - it's good to see you! You did a great job keeping the mods and tip.it regulars at peace haha. Rsn_lead Pronounced 'Led' not 'Lead' Alot of fun times and messenger convos with my aussie friend. For some odd reason I remember you telling a story about some punk kids in real life, and how you said "I would two-hit them" and people looked at you funny. I'm sure there are many more, I need to dig through this convo. We need to exchange steam account names! Edit I did some digging and came to realize that we are ancients. Many people on tip.it are referring to 2005 players as 'old school'. If they are old... we are... ancient. Heck, tip.it was a different platform back then and our old accounts and forum posts are gone forever. This is absolutely nuts. I guess we were all involved when runescape was still in it's infancy.
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