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  1. It's from signature "Mysterious old man is pedofile, who else would give little children so many gifts" By Hivmind
  2. Hmm Well, I think Both need to be high, and I don't like pures I like how I'm hitting with my str, and I like how I can last for ~1,5 hours at lvl 80 skeletons with rune armour and deffender :D
  3. Don't you need legends for other quests like recipe for disastres, how could legends be your last quest? Well, still with no cape But, I have done all the hard ones with good rewards like mep2, recipe for disastres, desert treasure and so on, I have like 12 quests left now, but I'm on my goal for 99 str which will be achieved after 16 hours :D
  4. I just wanted to add something Gladiators were ancient times =/ (don't know how was it properly in english) Well, I mean Rome Medieval times started after the fall of rome in 476.
  5. it looks like it's all okay now, at least time will show 6 days till I'll get to bank :D
  6. He knew my bank pin I gues luck, it was my birth year he switched it And now I have to wait for 7 days (I had 3 days, he changed to 7)
  7. I think they are acepting every tracking request....
  8. I know IP Recoveries changed, he is still getting my IP I'm trying to get it so that someone from jagex realy reads what I write when recovering my acc
  9. You don't know how I can contact support center before he does? I think he is in this forum also So my only advantage is new recovery questions and last agreement number, everything else he knows
  10. So everything is clear... He first with fake profile asked personal questions about me to my sister He said that's for school He got pretty useful information, but still he didn't know enough So he got to my e-mail Security for yahoo.com ir pretty weak, he needed to know only Birth date, zip code, location Most of this information he got from my sister With my E-mail unlocked, he unlocked my profile in Draugiem.lv That's latvian portal like Myspace.com He took from there all the information he needed, also from 1k+ sent messages he found out that I once sent my password to good friend, who needed urgently back few items (that letter was sent few months ago...) So he had everything he needed, he scammed my account What I did First I was just changing trough password recovery my password I was confused He was changing password as fast as I Then I went to draugiem.lv to chat with friends, and couldn't get in there Told them to send new password to e-mail, and that was also blocked So, to be more secure, I made a new p2p subscription, and got agreement number With help of that, got it so, that my recovery questions changed Imediatly He still was able to get my pass (In total I think password for my acc trough that recovery system was changed about ~130 times, I don't know what else jagex needed to come to coclusion, that I'm trying to overcome scammer... My acc WASN'T Locked... HUGE ty to you jagex) So since he was still getting my pass, I was confused Now I have changed them again, and I hope he won't be able to get my acc I'm sure he will try to scam me in next 7 days, because then will bank pin disappera (I don't know it) And then I'll be able to transfer items or something like that So he need to get in my acc within next 7 days I must not let that happen :D If he will get in, he can postpone bank pin for another 7 days One more question... Is it posible to recover new password trough password recovery, if you don't know any recovery question, but you know everything else (exception is any agreement number) P.S. I contacted Jagex, they aren't answering, again HUGE thank to jagex
  11. Rofl, I didn't gave He got all the information like e-mail from draugiem.lv I think It's getting interesting :D You don't need to know e-mail to recover pass
  12. I have one realy important question, so please help I'm now fighting with scammer Jagex isn't helping.... He has changed my pass in my E-mail , draugiem.lv (something like myspace.com) And so on He literaly thinks like I, only I'm one step behind :( So, my question About E-mail, they ask at Password recovery Does it changes when making for p2p, if I write different e-mail And if I change E-mail (he doesn't know it) will it help me? It looks like he knows my rec questions
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