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  1. My name is Eleanor Leplat, I am from Leoville, France, I am a mother and a grandmother, I am also a qualified doctor, when I am not working I am 'scaping or having fun. I am single and ready to mingle, calling out to all you lovely single boys :rolleyes: ;) LOL. I am currently maxed and if anyone wants me I will be probably slaying or in Max guild training some AFK, many of you may have seen me before, I am very talkative and friendly, hence being in the clan Laid Back Scapers. Anyway if you want to know more feel free to message me whenever you like, except when I am -_-
  2. This idea of Grooviestdog's would work on 07 as well, so I would like to post it here as well, enjoy and I would love to give my full support on this too. https://forum.tip.it/topic/335210-runescape-families/
  3. :unsure: fine...... dont love me anymore then <_<
  4. I love it, does this mean we can get married in game *Giggle*
  5. Would like to point out I am in Laid Back Scapers, we are a friendly clan if anyone wants to join :)
  6. I joined up babe glad to see you are making an impression LOL good on you.
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