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  1. So you say these are green? Florescent yellow ^_^ unless im color blind they look green to me lol
  2. its yellow for most pro tournys but i have never really seen a yellow ball being used at school and stuff, every1 at school uses green tennis balls for handball and even at our local tennis club we use green
  3. last year in the philippines i use to fall asleep during 1st 2 lessons the 7am and 8am one's after reccess i'm right i suppose but sometimes in the afternoon i get really tired n fall asleep lol but this year being back in australia hardly any1 falls asleep during class, n i havnt fallen asleep in class yet
  4. last entry for me lol halimaw ako = i am a monster hehe :P
  5. pumapatay it means killer in tagalog (philippine language)
  6. if spurs lose game 2 they will be in the same boat as the mavs :( i'd hate for my spurs to lose game 2 i just can't see them winning 2 in denver, however if they take 1 in denver we got a fair shot at it :D as for the mavs.. man the rockets are pretty streaky, once they win games it takes a while for them to lose, so if i was a mavs fan i'd be praying lol
  7. [/b] doubt it dude ^^ chicago or washington have deep benches and i reakon if they had a solid big man they can match up really well against miami.. seriously miami would have trouble matching up against them.. the 3 punch by washington is awesome.. and chicago.. well i actually started liking chicago again this year lol so yeah don't be shocked if it goes to game 7 against miami or even if they win it and make the conference finals.. newayz predictions are Phoenix San Antonio(have to be biased theyr my team) Sacramento(got bobby back theyll be good) Dallas( could make finals) Miami Detroit Indiana Chicago Conference finals will be san antonio vs dallas and chicago(over miami in 7) vs detroit finals will be detroit vs spurs and it will go to game 6 atleast but spurs will win it with timmy d getting finals mvp :D
  8. dream on it is they only have to win vs team b of the celtics or the cavs to lose and they make it how good is that?? anywayz i pick spurs to win coz i'm a spurs fan and with duncan spurs are easily number 1
  9. LMAO the fish 1 , the ranger 1 and the plague city 1 are the funniest of the last few pics lol keep it up peeps
  10. i thought u meant the game on xbox lol i'm waiting for the game :D
  11. lmao moon dart and rugby one's are f***ing helarious
  12. oh please don't give me that you guys are just shocked zf managed to beat you and your ego got soo big you couldn't handle losing to zf i mean come on what's there to be ashamed of if you lose to di? they're number 1 for a reason, so ofcourse you guys won't accuse them of cheating, but since zf are ranked lower then you guys, we ust have to cheat to win don't we?
  13. umm lost connection plz notice all the swords lol actually there was like 20 zf on him and he didn't last 30secs after his name got called out
  14. oh no not the great square formation :lol: :roll: seriously its annoying me how zf leaders keep using it but the square formation is just as good as any other way of standing around god even death dot is better then that... i have no idea how square formation is actually meant to work, since everytime a clan uses it, it gets run over by the other clan causing more problems for the clan with the square... so all n all square formation = overrated.. and i will be complaining to zf leaders about this haha
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