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    nat running at karjama
  1. Umm im on a level 3 treasure Clue and I went to Edgeville then i went to trollheliem and Fought a sara Wizard and got these cooridienets i took a Screny off it and I wanna know were this is ( havent been on in 3 months)
  2. does anyone play my name is: kill-crazy-frog
  3. i have a few lasangne churchy mr beef shnozza tyrrell squirrell hamster boy benneh noodle head smoking hippo long haired poofter ringo walking mop jarhead
  4. best job ever i work at my mums work and make next to nothing
  5. she doesnt even write her songs and her other songs are remakes of awsome songs god shes a try hard punk beyotch
  6. hes fishing in a pond with a sewer coming from the wildy which is depositing noob parts. you forgot selling the noob parts for kebab meat and that is not a river of blood its wildy water
  7. the reading is pretty good takes like 10 seconds to like see it
  8. good for a 30 minute sig....... 64.34/100...... good shading nice backround very monkey island like
  9. [cough] Hypercrits[\Cough] cmon....... I've seem worse more gorrier ones then my one .... plus its first pixel
  10. love it, it has the demented cartoon movie feel about it love it 99.34/100 Zeeky Boogy Doog
  11. very cool, like the font....... YAY ambigrams! :shock: 98.35/100 Very cool
  12. looks good maybe it can be some one playing rock paper scissors :lol: and someone saying dam you win again
  13. this is my new sig can i have some c/c please took me awhile to do and gimme a rating pretty please 8)
  14. 98.43/100 really good. Put a border in, I cant see his legs
  15. bentyrrell


    Great..... accept i seen one like that (Rsc) when the push a noob through a hopper and gets noob remains.. but he forgot to bring a pot
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