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  1. It's true, he would... I mainly read blogs like Lifehacker, Art of Manliness, and Schneier on Security
  2. its shooped. I can tell by the pixels. No need to keep a live image if the same image is on the page it just means more loading, only quote an image if your trying to reflect on something on a previous page or just put it in a hide tab if you have to. Kind of great chess machine but I still think the Chinese guys that play chess all day can beat it. Shouldn't mean more loading unless you have an exceedingly slow computer, because most browsers should be smart enough to just grab the image once and not grab it again the second time it's put as an image.
  3. I think LP has you beat in his first post alone :\
  4. I hope you go to the basketball games.. Michael Beasley is a freakin BEAST. He's fun to watch. Btw App. State Mountaineers 3-peat national champs =P Sad to say, but I completely don't do sports :P
  5. Currently at Kansas State University and I'm dual enrolled in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering :)
  6. Man, I don't even think we have a 45 foot wall in our basement :( :P
  7. I heard somewhere that you're a liar.
  8. Got that right. And this is the fourth time I've had the word 'pun' used around me today. Does anyone else ever get those kind of word/subject attacks? Yes... I was actually going to make a topic in Forum Games about puns... But, you can see why I decided against it. :lol: I don't know, some can be quite punny... Ok, I should probably sip some acid for that one.
  9. remember, you won't be able to play your ps2 disc on the 40gb IIRC europe doesn't get ANY ps3s with hardware emulation Cigars taste like arse. When my brother came back from Cuba, he brought back a big box of cigars, each cigar worked out to be around $70 each too. I just had my first cigar a few months back, it was a Cuban my mom's friend had bought in Florida (illegal ftw). Gotta say, I liked it. :) it's illegal, so it must be cooooooooooooooooool gonna get lots of respeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect from you TIFers
  10. I swear, if we have to be subjected to that, but we can't have female nudes... D:
  11. Haha, is this like the poor man's Notpron?
  12. Reminder: Landon, stop browsing TIF... it reminds you of The Game :( I lost as well
  13. It was run (and still is, considering it is under their package deal) Sony Entertainment. I'm not sure why but the game just never caught on very much to people. I think most of them who play it now probably just play it because it is part of the "Station Access Pass" sony offers, which lets people be subbed to all of their MMOs at once. You're thinking of Planetside ;)
  14. Pretty much just a copy and paste from the email I sent off to my parents since they were asking: Playstation 2 Games- Final Fantasy XII God of War Shadow of the Colossus Jak and Daxter Hitman: Blood Money Xenosaga Episode 1 Katamari Damacy Wii Games- Guitar Hero III with controller Movies- Futurama: Bender's Big Score Really only expecting one or two of those though. I really hate to ask for videogames for christmas/birthday but it was all I could think of that I would actually use a lot :\
  15. What? Just need to get him a bra then all is well! Why thankee ;) Will it convince you to join the Runesmithie fanclub?
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