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  1. Cooking has to be the most common and least admired skill. Very fast exp, cheap and only good for trimming a more admired skillcape.
  2. I think the only way for this to work properly is for jagex to sell the RS related stuff via their online store.
  3. My solution is skillcape when skilling and firecape when conbatting.
  4. I see no problem with cannons at all. There will always be a world wothout a cannon at the spot you wish to use combat. Some people prefer expensive, easy exp rather than cheaper, harder to earn exp.
  5. It has to be mining or fming. This is because of the huge amount of clicking involved in these skills. I will go for Mining.
  6. even on a three year old machine loading screens are far and rew between, even when they occur they are very quick. TBH any loading screen is very annoying, means I can't get on with I want to do.
  7. Trade limit. I did quit for about a year in 2008 however I decided to give RS another chance since and have now got over all the price limitations.
  8. I don't go with the flow, I go and do whatever takes my fancy. Currently my fancy is 99 WC. Obviously I try to do whatever I am doing efficiently.
  9. Part of the fun of Rs is competing for resources/ training spots. It all becomes a bit too easy if everyone gets a spot to themselves 100% of the time.
  10. Why block them? I always thought them to be reasonable exp.
  11. The fastest method would be barb fly fishing using the heavy rod. You have to bring your own bait and make no proit whatsoever. This is because you have to drop the fish to get the fastest exp. I did this to get 99 fishing. Alternatively you can fish monkfish if you complete Swan Song, a quest. This makes you some decent cash and a reasonable exp rate. Sharks, tuna, swordfish all return bad exp rates although can bank them and earn some money on the side.
  12. Perhaps try a different web browser.
  13. I would suggest monksfish at you level however fishing is not great money.......
  14. PM mods. we can't help you all we can do is point you in the direction of mods.
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