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  1. i came late, zf had many people in wild still, even though it was a miscommunication, zf was still the last clan standing even though there were many rpkers left
  2. Congratulations Gladz on your win in this war, it showed how much quantity > quality.
  3. choasen a winner, Demoris, please add Gershwormjim on RuneScape
  4. thx for the sig guys, its kinda taking me a while to decide which is the better one, ive asked my clan to help me decide, anyways add gershwormjim. i
  5. lol nice ryno :P and nice one as well poli but best one so far
  6. yeh i am a reliable buyer :o and yeh High Council not emperor :) pretty good sigs offers ill wait for 2-3 days
  7. Alright im buying a Signature for 350k cash, ive had my current signature for quite a while now which was made by Vladmoney and i think its time i have a new one. Main Text: Gershwormjim Minor Text: High Council of Zeonic Force I dont mind what type of style the sig is, at least it looks good and it contains the above text :) you can add animation as well EDIT - Demoris, i have chosen your offer. please add Gershwormjim on Runescape, i added you
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