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  1. I have been Following this Thread since 2009 if i remeber correctly, been playing since late 2003, on and off. I quit in 2008 after the Wilderness and trade removal, came back in 2010, quit again a few times. But even when i wasnt playing i would come here check the race to 200m all, but after treasure hunter/Silverhawk and bonus xp ruined the race i lost interest. It was fun to see Drumgun and S U O M I, all the players that rise and fall, and just a week ago i started playing again, didnt even knew there was a new skill coming and to my surprise Drumgun is still playing, the first thing that came to my mind was this topic and all the people that kept this updated. Im rooting for Drumgun on this race, and i would like to know if someone has any information on A13d will he come back to update us on this race once more?
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