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  1. Great, because I doubt you'd ever be let into The Alliance ever EVER E.V.E.R. again. You let one person, BK ownz U, spoil the relationship of 4 clans without doing anything against it. Because of your lack of disciplinary action towards him, Alliance leaders and members alike became more and more pissed off at BK.
  2. The real problems began after Mystical was practically forced to leave. I remember when I was elected as Jagz council, I made alot of friends inside of The Alliance, as before I was even ranked in Jagz, I was hella active. I was friends with Phunk, Earth, the W APs, etc...And so I had first hand look at the problems which were arising. The problems happened to become mainstreamed after BK beat Jagz in a funwar. previously, Clan Jaguar was ranked above of BK, and our loss seemed to have severly inflated thier ego. Actually, it inflacted thier leaders ego. This attitude, held mostly by BK ownz you, was incredibly arrogant, and tiresome. Mat caused so many problems between the entire Alliance, with not only his arrogance but by being flamish and using his clan to protect his own self intrests or misdoings, that Alliance leaders were going to stop recoginizing him as a Leader of BK. This was a few months before the BK vs ZF war. Around that time, BK also let in XDX, which was blacklisted from The Alliance. I don't know why there had to be so much flaming just over a 99 hp'er, but to many alliance members eyes, it proved that BK no longer cared for the the calm of The Alliance, and was just looking for power. This is kinda off topic, but alot of you probably notice that Alliance clans are like...sloooow... Gladz, THE, BK, Jagz, TMRD, have all been around 3+ years. They have taken thier time getting to where they are, and arent going to dissappear anytime soon. This special way, this more family approach to clans, which The Alliance adopted, was often flamed by clans like TD, DI, etc...Because even tho gladz and stuff werent "PK" clans, they still gave other clans a run for thier money...Most notably, ZF. Now, ZF and BK had an ok relationship...they even had a temporary alliance right before the supposed 5v5 war back in oct of 04. But BK dropped it due to thier relationship with Gladz. SOme of the members still had close ties, and many Alliance members believe that those ties held from the BK+ZF days kinda made BK hunger for the "power" zf had...Even tho ZF had never been able to defeat Gladz. Anyways, with Mat (a bk leader) flaming Alliance clans in mirc and on rs, it made it hard for relationships of the clans to repair. After a few months of [bleep]ing, the few got thier way, and BK left The Alliance. All but 2 voted in favor, which personally pissed me off, especially since I had so much faith in stoned pixie, and other big BK leaders...That i had banked on BK never actually leaving us. But after the ZF war, I guess they decided to forsake the Alliance, the many friends they had...and enter the more competative and rough world of rs clans. They rose quickly, especially after ZF disbanding. With alot of animosity towards Gladz reeking from BK, many older ZF members took shelter in there for hopes of a war. There was on, BK won, and all those members who had swelled up BK's ranks, msotly left. Even many of the leaders and old school BK left, which made BK collapse into a shell of its former self. And now, we see BK as it is today. Trying to be the clan it once was, but without the support and friends...which was the biggest factor of it's growth anyways. I hope oneday BK can show The Alliance that it's changed,a dn that it wants back in...but until, good luck, and be more responsible with decisions next time.
  3. 1-Gladz; overall, the strongest 2-Ds; best in miniwars, but has less thana 50% chance of winning a war vs Gladz 3-Di; more experienced than RsD 4-Rsd; gap in combat between #5 makes RSD stronger. Altho they aren't as organized yet. 5-'The'; once lethal gets 110 combat, 'The'=#1 :P 6-Anarchy; getting some good members now. Possible threat.
  4. 1-Gladz: lvls+numbers+organization 2-Di: lvls+organization/ DS: NUmbers+lvls+organization 3-Sa: Lvls+numbers 4-RSD: lvls 5-THE: lvls+organization+commitment my top 5
  5. So BK left The Alliance and all it's mutual freindship to gain 118 members? :? Gratz on the win, I seriously thought Gladz won it by halfway, it was predominantly Gladz at Gd's and they were doing a good job by calling names. So it must've been a strong comeback :) So good job, but <3 Gladz. -Erador Alliance 4 life
  6. di td gladz ds trwf bk the anarchy tmrd titans corr rr Jagz eos dr etc etc etc
  7. 1] Gladz 2] TD 3] Di 4] Zf 5] BK 6] MK 7] THE 8] DS 9] Jags 10] TRWF _ Community: 1] Gladz 2] BK 3] THE 4] TMRD 5] ZF/MK
  8. i love you. if yo make more, pm me plz so know to check forums :lol:
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