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  1. i wanted to go back there too after the quest but sadly i cant... idk if anyone else has found a way back in there?
  2. Not really. He shoots the beam about every 16 seconds, so I think about 1-2 pots is enough. I might try killing him today with the prayer. Of course he might have a million HP:s and a regeneration rate of 10 hp's per second. well i tried it and he does have a lot of hp... also the fact that i dont know of a safe spot for bork he kept hitting me. i brought like 15 sara brews, the rest pray pots and a tort full of pray pots while i deflected magic and did the drain attack on bork thing while wearing guthans+dragonfire but he still would hit me and i ran out of food before the mage dude lost even a 1/4 of health...im at 93 def so idk, maybe taking a unicorn or another healer familiar would be better?
  3. I just had a few questions about this... 1) Is there a designated world where people typically mine here? slash will more people here significantly decrease exp rates? 2) What kind of exp/hr can I get here mining 3) At 82 mining, should I go for the concentrated coal or gold deposites? any other advice concerning this would be much appreciated!
  4. I just got a dragon pickaxe drop as soon as it starts to crash. My question is should I just try to keep selling it for min everyday it drops until I sell, or is it likely that it will bounce back up again? Any advice would be much appreciated
  5. sorry if i didn't make sense but money is not a factor to me...i just want to know speed wise what is the absolute fastest way from 76 to 80. i'm not worried about how much it costs or how much i lose. thanks!
  6. hi i was just wondering what the quickest way from 76 to 80 mage was? i know alching is a cheap way but if im not worried about losing money is there a faster way? thanks for the help!
  7. thanks for the help! got it on my second try thanks to this and the prayer switching guide you had a link to! thanks!
  8. hey i was just wondering where the closest fairy ring is in proximity to a teleport spot. i was thinking maybe the varrock teleport to the ge and then going to that fairy ring right outside of it... any help would be much appreciated.
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