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  1. correct me if I'm wrong (because i am stupid) but now with the bow and d-arrows, your regular max hit should be about 30? And special with bow makes damage +50% so you can hit about 45+45? so thats like 90 damage! :o this thing owns..
  2. wow.. 37+36=73 damage :o nice owngaeness!
  3. sanjo


    lol thats harsh but it dosent matter i just figured out how to invert the colours :lol:
  4. sanjo


    Yes you are when you click the box you will see this Click this one Hope this helps! :)
  5. sanjo


    here you go! :D hope it works :oops:
  6. horray! i luv turtle ill get 2 work on 1 right away! :P
  7. plz rate my first sig and if you like it you can buy it for 5k. :lol:
  8. sanjo

    help plz!

    Im not usin image shack im just usin MSPaint on a win 98.
  9. sanjo

    help plz!

    I can seem to add my pick from ms paint why? [/img][/code]
  10. Can you change the background colour to a light blue? thx
  11. ID like to change that id like it to say Sanjeet PK me than ill pk you. (glowing in orange)
  12. ID like a sig that says Sanjeet in glowing letters (Orange)
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