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  1. Definately. Not a single P2P player I've reported has been banned.
  2. You people just don't get it do you? Just because a lot of people want an Australian server, it doesn't mean it's feasible for them to have one. I live in Sydney, but I know I'd rather have 10 US servers than 1 Australian server, simply because I know the Australian server won't perform that much better than the US ones.
  3. 29th May 2003 - New server for Australasia Our new Australasian server is now online. This is our first server in the southern-hemisphere! We've set this server up especially for our Australian and Asian members. Since it's hosted in Singapore it should hopefully provide you with a much less laggy connection than before. Unfortunately bandwidth in this area of the world is very expensive, (20x more than we pay elsewhere). Therefore this a members only server. 25th August 2003 - Singapore server relocated Following a lot of negative feedback regarding the Singapore server we've decided to relocate it. It seems that it just doesn't provide a better connection to most people in that part of the world, despite being physically nearer. Our poll showed that even amongst people living in Australia and Singapore, a mammoth 63% found it WORSE than our other servers, and only 16% found it significantly better. This is very disappointing and clearly doesn't justify keeping the server there. Especially given how much hosting costs are in that part of the world (10 times the price, of what we pay in san-franciso!) Therefore our Singapore server is being taken offline today, and we are shipping it to Toronto - Canada, to see if it can be of more value to our users there.
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