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  1. looking for a set up for red dragons i have to kill 40 of them for a slayer task. just need somthing to get me trough. i plan on slaying them in brihmhaven. i have 6 mill cash but i dont want to spend to much for this task. thank you.
  2. ok i will try that thanks
  3. im on the last part of smoking kills and i get owned all the time. i am wearing guthans body and skirt, whip, rune defender, glory ammy, combat braclet, ring of life, earmuphs with face mask, and dragon boots. the first couple of times i tried prayer form mage and i didnt even get her to half life. the next to times i tried prayer from mely and when the rangers came out i got owned. my stats are 75att 70 str 70 def 68 range 70 mage. what should i do to bet her.
  4. will the zamorake cape u get form mage arena protect from the zamorak monsters in gwd.
  5. stealshot


    my slayer assinment is trolls. how do i get to them. is there a certin quest i have to do to get to them. thanks
  6. im doing 50k fire strikes. i wanna know where the best palce to do them would be. thanks
  7. how many worrior guild tokens to get a rune defender i used 300 to get bronze. so how many more tokens will i need to get rune.
  8. do u know how long 6k bow strings would take
  9. i need 61 craft for lunar diplomacy. my current crafting lvl is 57 and i need to craft 715 green dragon vambraces with sc needles. is there any cheaper way then getting the hides my self.
  10. my account was banned for rwt when i was in the army and wasnt able to play. when i got back i applied it and got denied, then2 years later i thought might as well try whats the worst they can say. i applied checked everyday for a week and no 1 even looked at it. after a week and a half went by i checked and it was apporved and i got my account back. so maybe u should try again but dont be cocky with them. u might get it back.
  11. ok how u get to yaks
  12. isnt that a little inparctical.
  13. stealshot

    70 def

    wheres a good place to get 70def my att is 68 and def is 64. i am currently training with slayer but i want to get it up faster pls help
  14. but waht should i alch. should i make yew longs till i can make mage shorts and up to mage longs.
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