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  1. 1. DI 2. TD 3. Gladz 4. bk 5. twrf 6. the 7. ds 8. Anarchy 9. KT 10. mk
  2. 1.di 2.zf atm 3.gladz might be a bit rusty as far as war goes 4.td 5.bk 6.the 7.twrf 8.anarchy 9.mk 10.jagz i didnt rank any of the newer clans that might have the strength to take a top ten clan until they do :oops:
  3. first off i dont know if this belongs here but i thought it would be intersting to see who some of the clan leaders are most like. i got abe lincoln http://similarminds.com/othertests.html
  4. 1.di 2.zf 3.gladz 4.td 5.bk 6.the 7.twrf 8.mk 9.anarchy 10.ds maybe? 11.jagz 12.rr 13.tmrd 14[Caution: Executable File]r 15.corr maybe?
  5. il give it a shot STRENGHT 1.DI 2.gladz just by a bit tho 3.ZF 4.Bk 5.TD 6.twrf had a great war turn out 7.MK jsut won a war as well 8.the 9.anarchy 10.umm DS...i suppose dont know alot about them but they just beat rr so... community umm correct me if im wrong but dotn ALL great clans also have great communities in thier own right?
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