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  1. I was able to figure out the locations for each statue correctly :3 Taverly - Juna - Guthix - Awards Prayer and Construction Exp. Caniffs - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Zamorak - Awards Slayer and Construction Exp. Lumbridge - Zilyana - Saradomin - Prayer and Construction Exp. (scaffolding 2 2 2 4 2) Gu'Tanoth - Graardor - Bandos - Prayer and Construction Exp. (scaffolding 4 3 5 2 4) As far as I can tell (I did this with my friends) the Exp and scaffolding changes per person, I will need more players to confirm this. I didnt record scaffolding for first 2 :< Post your results to help me confirm, the friend i did this with only did taverly then ran off to ports... we had seperate exp and scaffolding but he may have done the wrong statue... Also my client froze SIX times building these 4 statutes; Thanks Lagex!
  2. I have 11 of these xD Its a real shame they stopped the whip at 60... I would have loved to see 70 80 90 too... or use this item on a whip/vine whip to take on its appearance... I love how this item looks, but the stats are disappointing to a high level player
  3. I was just using guthans on hellhounds for slayer, in combo woth korasi/defender slayer helm... as I have been doing forever... It was painful how innacurate the attacks were. I decided to test out that Dharoks everyone is raving about (I bought 10 sets just cause they are rising like crazy, already made 20m) I knew from Dharoks in the past that it could hit hard... 40's 400's now 4000's But a combination of Hellhounds being weak to slash, my hp down to 1000 from 8000, momentum, and dharoks resulted in one hitting 75% of the hellhounds, 2 or 3 hitting the rest. This system is insanely unbalanced, I was dishing out the same carnage with polypore staff, since its based on mage level and I was attacking an npc weak to Air spells. It seems there is no middle ground between taking forever with something the npc is not weak to, and using its weakness... combo'd with things like dharoks, polypore, wands, dual crossbows... it just gets insanely out of hand. I dont think they should nerf the OP items, but they should increase some npc's hp, as well as make it better for some other forms of combat. I found a few "secret" weakneses, like black demons were destroyed when I used polypore on them as well, but guthans/dharok/korasi/whip did nothing to them. Though this belongs in the runescape suggestions now, lets just stick to adding a weakness slot, the player contributed updates to the bestiary could update changes rather quickly if jagex changed weaknesses around.
  4. Lightning staff 4 Damage: 771 Accuracy: 600 Type: Earth Speed: Average Attributes: none Target Attacking Melee: 600 Magic: 300 Ranged: 120 Lightning staff 3 Damage: 771 Accuracy: 400 Type: Earth Speed: Average Attributes: none Target Attacking Melee: 400 Magic: 200 Ranged: 80 Lightning staff 2 Damage: 771 Accuracy: 200 Type: Earth Speed: Average Attributes: none Target Attacking Melee: 200 Magic: 100 Ranged: 40 Lightning Staff 1 Damage: 771 Accuracy:10 Type: Earth Speed: Average Attributes: none Target Attacking Melee: 10 Magic: 5 Ranged: 2 The damage MUST be due to my high combat skills, there is no way a lvl 1 staff is 771 damage for all players. Also, its an earth type, but grants unlimited air runes.
  5. Simple suggestion. Make an option under advanced search to search for npcs with specific weaknesses. For example: Looking for npcs with a "stab weakness" or "Earth spell" weakness to train with a rapier or ancients. Searching would give a list of npcs with that weakness, and other variables of course, if chosen. Very simple and would be useful with the new combat system.
  6. Pumpkin Carving this year. (Submitted to players gallery too) K'ril Tsutsaroth Last year: Just a dragon, thought I named it "Elvarg's Head" and ended up in the Player's Gallery ;) The camera I used for K'ril is a real camera, Used my phone last year so the image quality sucks on the dragon. You can Zoom in on Tsutsaroth and see the actual blademarks though, much better.
  7. Here is the stats and image of the lightning staff teir 1-4 First off, All four give unlimited Air Runes. All four can be changed to a different teir at any time, provided you have the stats. All four show "A crackling staff that aids magic combat." when examined. All four have an emote where you spin the staff above your head, then smash it to the ground to emit lightning. (reminds me of the RSC Saradomin Strike <3) Teir 1 (Req. Attack: 1 Magic: 1) Attack Bonus: Stab: 0 Slash: -1 Crush: 7 Magic: 10 Defense Bonus: Stab: 2 Slash: 3 Crush: 1 Magic: 0 Other: Strength: 3 Attack Rate: Slow Weight: 2.2kg Magic Damage: +0% Teir 2 (Req. Attack: 20 Magic: 20) Attack Bonus: Stab: 4 Slash: -1 Crush: 20 Magic: 10 Defense Bonus: Stab: 2 Slash: 3 Crush: 1 Magic: 10 Other: Strength: 20 Attack Rate: Slow Weight: 2.2kg Magic Damage: +0% Teir 3 (Req. Attack: 40 Magic: 40) Attack Bonus: Stab: 10 Slash: -1 Crush: 40 Magic: 10 Defense Bonus: Stab: 2 Slash: 3 Crush: 1 Magic: 10 Other: Strength: 50 Attack Rate: Slow Weight: 2.2kg Magic Damage: +0% Teir 4 (Req. Attack: 40 Magic: 60) Attack Bonus: Stab: 10 Slash: -1 Crush: 40 Magic: 10 Defense Bonus: Stab: 2 Slash: 3 Crush: 1 Magic: 10 Other: Strength: 50 Attack Rate: Slow Weight: 2.2kg Magic Damage: +5% Teir 4 has exact same stats as a mystic air staff except for the 5% bonus, which the air staff does not have. Which also means Teir 3 is an EXACT copy of a mystic air staff, with a different display. Images: Emote: Teir 1-4 Inventory: Totally worth $25... though I redeemed it for 950 Store points I probably use on bank space. For "Credits" Ingame name is Ibcrootbeer
  8. Annagram: BOAST B Answer: Sabbot Location: Under Death plateau RSN: Ibcrootbeer This was from a Medium Clue Scroll, but may be on others
  9. The End of Innocence? I Haven't played RS in a few months, no money to buy memberships :< I'm pretty sure when I left the game was about killing monsters and finishing quests... Apparently on F2P populated worlds its about struttin' your stuff now. I knew a Girl IRL who used to play Runescape, and would occasionally *hug* *kiss* in PMs in an attempt to leech rune Items every time I finished a clue (I randomly give away junk anyway). That alone made me uncomfortable because such things had no relevance to the game. My opinion is we need to purge the inappropriate behavior going on on all the worlds, I can't even enjoy playing F2P anymore because of all the spammers, gold sellers, website advertisers, and now sex offenders roaming the populated zones. The problem is due to free accounts and how easy it is to change your IP on a browser, it will be extremely difficult to ban these users for good. Ip bans will not work due to siblings/roommate situations. (I started playing when my brother showed me the game back in 01) If they limited account creation to once a day (to keep banned people banned) they could just pop in a proxy and come back. Even a sophisticated automatic system for bans would be troublesome. Accidently PM Wrong person: "Watcha upto sexy" *screen goes black* YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED A Police Vehicle is speeding towards your house, Please hold for prison.
  10. Q.Q I was thinking of carving a Citidel into a Pumpkin :( I still might for halloween I Don't think I'd beat teezkut with a pumpkin :P Really cool sculpting, I love to sculpt myself, but don't have the time to do all the detail it would require. I'll post the pumpkin I do here :D but it would be 30th-31st so wouldn't be in time for the competition. I was thinking of carving that, with an enlarged castle and a few dragon/bats flying around it :P Similar to a haunted house style I carved 3 years ago, but with more detail cause my carving's improved! :D Should be epic, Unless I fail horribly. Fires in the pic would be carved straight through, the castle walls would be uncarved, and the background glowing through :P Hardest part would be converting the picture into something carve-able... then drawing it like that I need an HD camera too, phones suck for detail Anyway... that's all, Hope I can enter the next competition Good luck to anyone trying to beat teezkut's awesome work
  11. Not availible to me either >:0 That's why I stopped doing barrows... need 12 agility levels... like 3 more crafting
  12. I use caiffs teleport then just click the gate, I have shortcut to nature spirit. then take nature spirit to barrows (exit grotto and it wont use charge) Tried timing every step. 3 mins killing brothers, 5 mins in tunnels, 2 mins to pray/bank/tele back If you want faster runs, don't need to get killcount, and you could shave off 3 mins a run :P Also, if you want to use prayer pots, and get alot of runs, just bring prayer pots, use amulet to teleport from the chest to barrows. When you run out of gear, teleport to Burg De rott recharge the amulet, bank, and tele back to barrows. Then you could do the whole run in 5-6 mins if you have good tunnels :P But again, The guide is how to do it with Low costs and no food/potions, I know there are faster and more effective ways, but they are more expensive too :P There are alot of noobs who want a Budget way to do things, and not lose any money before getting an item. Also, Since I made this guide, I was lucky enough to get Karil Coif and AH top :) I stopped counting how many runs, but probably 25 in total before I stopped... Usually 1 item per 10 rounds sound about right?
  13. Well again, I developed a strategy different from the posted Tip.it Guides Required items! Guthan set Staff of Light Whip (or better wep) + DDS (or better special) Drakan's Medllion (MUST for fast trips) Temple Trekking Enough for shortcut to nature spirit grotto It combines the "Advanced Tank" and "Ancient Magicks" Methods kinda... with alot less gear swapping and no food or prayer, and alot less expensive. Gear Setup Aura: Reverence (optional, but helps if you have low prayer) Helmet: Guthan's Helm Cape: God Cape Necklace: Arcane Stream - Arcane Blast - Arcane Pulse - Fury - Glory Body: Guthan's Body Legs: Guthan's Chainskirt Shield: TOME OF FROST - Unholy Book - Armadyl Book - Book of Balance Gloves: Barrows - Dragon Boots: Ragefire - Wizards boots - Mystic Boots Ring: WEALTH Weapon: Staff of Light (magic) + DDS (melee special) + Abyssal Whip (Melee normal) + Guthan Warspear (Melee Heal) The goal is to get the HIGHEST possible Magic boost with Guthan armor Equipped Inventory: Spade Runes to cast the HIGHEST ice spell you have access to Laws + Bloods for Caniffs Teleport Emergency Food Emergency Prayer Weapons your not using currently Time to Complete 1 Run: 10 min Strategy: Barrows Brothers: Kill in this Order Ahrim + Karil First: Use the DDS and Whip to quickly dispose of these 2 brothers, you should have enough pray to get through them both unharmed, if not, use an emergency dose/food item Dharok: This is the only brother that is REQUIRED to block behind the Crypts. Use your ice spell to freeze him, count how many spells hit, and run to the other side of the crypt when he is about to unfreeze. (you may want to test blocking the non lethal barrows brothers first, dharok can hit very high) Guthan, Torag, Verac: These three are very easy, Freeze, step to the side, continue shooting until the brother is frozen again, and step to the side... repeat until dead. You should lose little, if any Lifepoints on these npcs. The tunnels: If your tunnel is Ahrim, or Karil, then you will need some strategy, mainly trying to kill as fast as possible to minimize damage, prayer is not recommended in the tunnels due to fast drain rate. If you find yourself low on lifepoints, exit through a door, and kill the tunnel npcs for lifepoints. The Tunnels is where you heal, Killing the lesser npcs with guthan's to get killcount to 10+ (my usual count) and healing to full HP before and after the brother encounter. Once you kill the brother and get your kill count up, loot the chest. After each trip: Teleport to Caniffs Bank any loot Run to entrance to swamp, you will end up at the Nature Grotto, where you refill Prayer Use Medallion to teleport to Barrows You should use no charge on the amulet, and will be back in the barrows area in under 2 minutes. - Repeat as necessary EXAMPLE of cost: 10 trips I lost: 0 food (0GP) 0 prayer potions (0GP) 909 Water Runes (7272GP) 302 Blood Runes (74594GP) 0 Death Runes (0GP) - 508 MORE than I started with actually 20 Law Runes (3200GP) Total Loss 85066GP Gained: 0 Barrows Items (0GP) 363 Bolt Racks (53724GP) 2346 Mind Runes (9384GP) 1625 Chaos runes (56875GP) 508 Death Runes (98552GP) 0 Blood runes (0gp) 5x Prayer potion (2) (6920 GP) 3x Super Defense (2) (228GP) 2x Restore pot (2) (52 GP) Total Gain 225735GP Profit 140,669 GP I ended up with more Death runes than I started with, Death rune profit alone was more than I lost with this method. It combines the best Qualities of every Barrows method, you can call it the "Hybrid Method" a system that ALWAYS leaves you with profit! Even "Junk" Items from the chest provide you with more runes and GP than you started with. This is the ONLY Barrows method I use now because it is quick, effective, and yields the best profit.
  14. Leaf did make it to the party, He missed the first dropparty, someone did trivia asking about himself! >:o I got nothing there either I poked leaf when insane started dropping, and he got a buncha items :D I gave him some too i think, so he didn't miss the big drop :D Last dropparty I went to in RSC I got a santa and D med tho :P
  15. :D I missed d med... and bloods Q.Q But I got everything else lol Also gave away more than I kept :P Fun fun fun! TY insane and Tip.It
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