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  1. Bunny Ears, even though I got them. Along with scythe, yo-yo, rubber chicken and other stuff.
  2. 1795 Damage in a five minute game (using ancients).
  3. Warrior Helm Glory Ammy Obby Cape Whip Monk Top Monk Bottom Climbing Boots Ring of Charos Rune Defender Addy Gloves Spec: D Battle option / Warrior Ring I spec with d battle turn ultimate str and incred reflexies or something and run to portals
  4. Im looking for someone with a gilded altar that would let me come over and get some prayer exp with them. I could give the marrentils to keep the burners lit.
  5. Changed the link http://www.sendmefile.com/00340448 Go there but it will make you wait 15 seconds before you can download.
  6. I tried the link again and it seems to work
  7. Updated, now has a correlation chart thanks to kwimbob
  8. I got bored and saw the posts about the correlation between kill count and barrows drop, so I made a chart system to see your profit or loss and calculate it with kill count. Its geared towards mages but it can be moded for rangers and meleers. Dragonball13's Barrows Charting I. Costs: On the costs chart enter the values of the items you use (Choas, Bloods and so forth). II. Run Info: In the Red Columns Enter the number of each item used in the columns given EXCEPT the Misc column. Enter the value of the items you used (ex, 50 waters would be 250). In the Green Columns Same process for the columns except the GP and B. Items. Enter the amount of GP gotten in the GP column and number of Barrows Item gotten in the B. Items column. Kill Count Enter the number of killed things. III. Outputs Check the data! Almost enter the value of the Barrows Items in the barrows column! http://www.sendmefile.com/00340448 Can someone reliable check it, to see if it works for one and if its safe? Update: Chart added so show correlation.
  9. This past week Microsoft released IE7 beta to its official beta testers. Somewhere along the way, it was leaked and now its everywhere. IE7 has tabbed browsing, anti-phishing capabilites, new SSL features and much more. A screenshot of it in action. Link to it: MODS: Please verify it is a working copy? Note: It checks to see if you have a real install of Windows prior to installation of the browser.
  10. Nice.... sexy nothing _______ Edit _______ Not so bad, but a few things, I noticed. The towers are copy and pasted, the entire fence is copy and pasted, everything doesnt look the same in real life, add some character to each of them, add some special detail to each. The ranger in the corner is okay looking, the sun needs to be taken out or moved and the guy is okay.
  11. Recently I decided to retry my hand at pixel art, I used to do it, TJ will remember me I think, I was a semi-mentor to him, then he easily surpased me. I asked for some lineart and Teenageloser33 said I could use the one from the Pixel W.I.P. of his. Here is my progess so far. The original lineart BY TEENAGELOSER33 First step of progess, Ryan said it look to flat and shiny, so with his guidance I gave it some "detail". Just fixing it there. More detail AND NOW THE MOST CURRENT VERSION!! The guy with the maul has a zammy plate now :P and dragon legs with rune knee cap protectors and a rune boot showin.
  12. It is the backside of the sheild so it should be curved out, notice the strap on his arm connecting to it.
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