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  1. When: Friday the 13th of April :evil: World: 14 Location: Grand Exchange Time: 4-5 pm PST (make sure you find your exact time in your location via time converter) Hope everyone can make it, as I had worked very long to get 99 smithing by superheating mithril ores from 68-99. In the process, have gotten 23.5m mage xp! Looking forward to see you there. For all you drop party fanatics out there, 15m++ in items and cash so far. Find me and I'll show you a preview of what I have to drop. * Who still knows me? xD I just recovered my account today lol :thumbsup: TimeZone List (GMT-12): Baker Island : 12 pm+ (GMT-11): American Samoa : 1 pm+ (GMT-10): Hawaii : 2 pm+ (GMT-9): Alaska : 3 pm+ USA Pacific (GMT-8): Los Angeles, California : 4 pm+ USA Mountain (GMT-7): Pheonix, Arizona : 5 pm+ USA Central (GMT-6): Chicago, Illinois : 6 pm+ USA Eastern (GMT-5): Miami, Florida : 7 pm+ (GMT-4): Puerto Rico : 8 pm+ (GMT-3): Argentina, Buenos Aires : 9 pm+ (GMT-2): South Georgia, USA : 10 pm+ (GMT-1): Greenland : 11 pm+ GMT (0): London, England : 12 am+ (GMT+1): Paris, France : 1 am+ (GMT+2): Finland : 2 am+ (GMT+3): Moscow, Russia : 3 am+ (GMT+4): Samara, Russia : 4 am+ (GMT+5): Kazakhstan : 5 am+ (GMT+6): Bangladesh :6 am+ (GMT+7): Vietnam : 7 am+ AUS Western (GMT +8): Singapore : 8 am+ AUS Central (GMT +9): Tokyo, Japan : 9 am+ AUS Eastern (GMT +10): Sydney, New South Wales : 10 am+ Solomon Islands (GMT +11) : 11 am+ Wellington, New Zealand (GMT +12) : 12 am+ * I think those times are correct, if not let me know
  2. Video has been uploaded on youtube, thanks Yoo Zur Naim. Also would like to thank to everyone on tip.it who came. This is the most memorable moment on rs! :thumbsup:
  3. Event/party Starting Soon! Everyone go to G.E NoW!!! See you there ^^
  4. Sorry guys, i've accidentally gotten it before hand. DOn't worry, party will still exist, still need that screenshot of everyone :
  5. Uhh... the goal signature says i've reached 100%... :lol: they're wrong. Still need 1,000,001 more to go :roll:
  6. Maples ;) I'll definitely be there Maples are sooooo ftw, much better than yews and willows. ;)
  7. Wow total level rose to 1307 now :( After i max out fm, i could try to make it on the list. :| Here is the thread for my event : http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=112&t=781600&p=6439676#p6439676
  8. Ok the date has been confirmed now. Keep checking back often just in case.
  9. I'm sure at this pace i'm going i'll have the party on feb 21st. But i'm not confirmed on that date yet, so keep checking back! :D
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