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  1. I keep getting THIS error everytime. Just about 30 minutes after connecting internet (or not connect, I don't know, but I always connect internet after I open my com.) that error appear. If I click on "Don't send" or do anything to close it, my connection will go down. It's not only disconnecting the internet, but it's like the internet is DEAD! The connection icon is still there, but it's not moving at all. I can't even check the status, disconnect, or connect again. All I have to do is restarting, which is kinda annoying because it kept coming and coming. So what I do right now is hide that error message, and hope that I don't accidently click it. But that's not all! Few minutes after I didn't click it, another message appear: Same as the old one, if I click OK, my connection will fail, so I have to hide it again! This problem is really annoying, and I'm hoping to get rid of the problem, but since I have no idea what caused this, I don't know how to fix it. If you know how to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Nattawat
  2. After installing Webroot SpySweeper, there are 2 programs running on background. One is SpySweeper[Caution: ExecutableFile], another is WRSSSDK[Caution: ExecutableFile] (I believe it is WebRoot SpySweeper SDK) While running SpySweeper for a while, my ZoneAlarm pop-up saying that WRSSSDK[Caution: ExecutableFile] want to access to internet, so I click 'accept' and let it access to internet, seeing that it is part of SpySweeper's program. I seems to have problem with the WRSSSDK one... If I click 'My Computer', the screen usually appear instantly. However, when I have my spysweeper running and so does WRSSSDK, it took about 10 seconds before My Computer could even load. Why do I think it's problem with WRSSSDK? Because when I end task the WRSSSDK, I could open My Computer within a second, as fast as normal - and without problem. I just format my computer, and reformat, and reformat, for about 3 times because of THIS problem. I thought it would go away when I reformat, but no... every time I install the program, this problem occur. I have no idea why, before I decide to reformat my computer there isn't such a problem like this before. I also don't think it is a virus, because I reformat over and over and I still got the same problem, and I don't think I'm getting the same virus as soon as I connect to internet over and over this quick. It's annoying to wait about 10 seconds every time I try to open My Computer/My Documents from start button, and would be really great if I can solve this problem without having to uninstall SpySweeper... Thanks in advanced, Nattawat
  3. Umm does anyone know how to fix this problem? :(
  4. I think it happen with every video format, at least when I try on avi + mpg + wma file it got the same problem. And my windows media player is currently version 10, so I dont think its the problem with the version difference. Plus, I was able to watch the video before this happens, and it's the same media player :?
  5. This appear for few days now, I thought it was happen with just one video file. When I open the video, with Windows Media Player, Winamp, or DivX Player, all have the same problem--the video is like 16 colors! I dont know how to explain, the color just mess up, I cannot take picture for some reason, it will appear as blank and no picture captured :? I try opening OTHER video files (which used to be good) and what happen is it's 16 colors the same! So I dont think this is the problem with the video file, and every media player did this so I dont know if it's a problem with media players too or not, and other than that I have no idea what could go wrong :( If you know what's wrong with it, and how to fix it, please tell me, I would like to know the answer :) Thanks in advanced, Nattawat
  6. very sweet guide, hope this could be a sticky, just have to clear some of the stickies at the top :lol:
  7. lol pretty funny way to get rid of them :lol:
  8. then connect it with mining guild :twisted: miner/smither paradise? :x
  9. wats the diff between adding smithing guild / adding anvils+furnace :roll:
  10. nattawat

    Favorite bands?

    linkin park's best :D :D
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