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  1. Nothing wrong with Overclocking but you might want to do some research into your hardware setup and consider upgrading your bios. If you do plan to do this get a temp monitoring program like SpeedFAN (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php). Usually when people use pennies as cheap heatsinks they wrap them in tinfoil for maximum thermal condutivity. But this IS NOT a good idea for a processer use a factory made cooling system for that. The pennie trick would be a good idea for chip sets. (Remember to use thermal grease like Artic Silver 5!) Also a room fan works fine in a pinch. Just focus it in a way it's blowing on the key componets.
  2. I have only used about 80 of my 200 gigs.... 1TB would be overkill.
  3. I don't consider staying underwater for a week a magic trick.... the 9 minute holding your breath part is just a human mind and body trick. The chains well thats a novelty.
  4. the only computer I owned that this occured regualry on was a gaming machine a year or so ago. I upgraded most the internals and had a smooth run after that. In your case other than upgrading, I suggest a fresh format + reinstall of XP.
  5. ya really seems like an interesting concept... along with http://www.engadget.com/2006/02/07/flex ... onstrated/ I could really see this being put to use in space critical enviroments.... space maybe?
  6. Hulk12

    lost my licence

    yaaaaa getting a license suspension here would = not being able to work. What am I going to have my mom drive me?
  7. Ok I posted earlier but here I'll make a larger list: N64: Goldeneye, DonkeyKong 64, Perfect Dark, Doom 64 PS2: Killzone, Rouge Agent, Mercinaries PC: CounterStrike Series/ Source, HL2 Deathmatch, Doom Series The list could go forever...
  8. Showers for sure..... Friends... and Mountain Dew LiveWire. I am addicted to it. I usually don't go a day without atleast one LiveWire.
  9. I'm between work now.... That kinda sucks. As soon as I get out of Highschool I will be studying computer enginering. Well I hope so at least.
  10. Band T-shirt (Usually from Hot-Topic) + Aeropostal Jeans + Hightop Converse All-Stars. Yep........ I often have a hoodie on in the morning too...
  11. Theres a stealth air plane base in Knob Noster, Mo just a little bit from here. They flew non-stop to Afghanistan in 2001 for bombing raids. Bet you can find something there. Edit: Ya heres the base: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q ... 096302&t=h Nothing really at all going on in the pic... I did'nt really look to far ahead of the run way though....
  12. http://maps.google.com/?ll=38.624825,-9 ... .00427&t=k Theres the St.Louis Arch... like 40 mins away from here...
  13. About the cooling.... Dell uses the advanced BTX form factor on some newer systems which is suppose to provide better cooling and reduced noise in a small case.
  14. Limewire isnt just a pirating tool. -------- Try changing your firewall...
  15. Our school computers are Dells and they run fine. Actually they have the same CPU that I use. Celeron Prescott 2.9ghz. And we have Dell Dual Xeon servers. I personally don't buy from them I would much rather I have a say in each and every part and put them together my self.
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