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  1. Alot of people have died at my high school, in school.
  2. So, this one time, this guy was playing yu-gi-oh, and I said "d00d don't trade you're charmander for that meu2, once he evolves to lvl 70 he's like un-beat-able." Then he walked away with an insulted look on his face.
  3. Just look who made the topic. He has lied in over half of them. I'd knock you out if I knew you in real life. [bleep] off.
  4. He's going on judge Joe Brown, he doesn't have to make sence. Laughing...prevents...witty...reply! :lol: Legal costs? I was talking about the car.
  5. Just look who made the topic. He has lied in over half of them. You know, I've lied once on this board, and you still seem to not leave me the [bleep] alone, you litte [puncture]. :evil: Yes. This really happened. I'm [bleep]ing pissed about it. I'd think we would both get paid to do it if I was going to Judge Joe Brown. Its just his money would go to me.
  6. Alright about 1 year ago my friend crashed into my car. Just a little fender bender but still I was pissed off and what made it worse was he didnt have insurance so he was telling me ill pay you cash for it later. okay no problem so i get a quote from the body shop and its going to cost 730 bucks he said he would pay me ASAP so 4 months go by no money so im like whatever and get it done. 1 week later he calls me crying saying he has cancer. So like a friend a support im and all the other stuff. Over time he starts to get skinnier and shaves his head. So i put the money thing on the back burner. Yesterday i went up to were he lives to hang out i was talking to his mom and tell her "how has he been doing with the cancer" and she says, "what cancer, he doesnt have cancer" He made up this big [bleep]ing story not to pay me. We are not friends and i am taking he to court to get the money back maybe even judge Joe brown. Has anyone ever had a friend that tried to burn you before?
  7. Hm. Well, my friends don't really do anything weird/stupid for money, we just do it for the fun of it. Sometimes. But I'd pay to see someone put that dry wall puddy stuff instead of marshmellow fluff on someones peanut butter sandwich if they wouldn't do it for free.
  8. I don't mean to sound immature, but you're talking about literally teabags ...right?
  9. Lee Strobel used to be a pastor at my church before he moved out to Hollywood. He came back last year for a visit I think, I like him alot too. :D
  10. I need suggestions on some good books I should pick up. I don't read alot and I want to get more into the habit of it. So name yours?
  11. I just talk to friends and it helps too. Usually. But yeah, thanks guys.
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