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  1. Good fight and great war.
  2. Yes. Gladz leader vote that we give you guys the win. No point in arguing forever like with the MD war. This marks our first real war loss since Gladz vs ZF part 1 on RSC last January. We had about 130ish people show up.
  3. So basically Devils logged in on ZF? I came for about 5 minutes to watch. Was pretty boring.
  4. Hahaha yeah almost half of the 30 rangers and magers got destroyed.
  5. Quantity > Quality is not always true. MD outnumbered us by like 30 guys and had way more level 100s than we did and we were the last ones standing at GDs.
  6. No more Gladz post on this topic unless you have something nice to say.
  7. Coming out of leaving... Because last year we were the clan that barely got 10 people to their PK trips. Since January we have been building up our ranks by recruiting and training. Take for example Thirddegree, accepted January 04 at lvl 65 HP. Now 92 HP. Another example is Smoressoccer, 70 HP beginning of summer, closing in on 90. It's hard for people to believe that the [cabbage]ty group from last year is boasting 500+ posts a day and having turnouts of over 100 members. So they come to a uneducated conclusion that we cheated.
  8. I laugh at everyone who says we're made up of level 70s, 80s, and 90s. Especially on the ZF main website. They are either blind or can't count. I'm done with this thread.
  9. on the walk back to Edge there was 168 options + scattered people who weren't following.
  10. Reminds me of Helbreath. A Helclaw or Tigerworm would terrorize the city until someone killed it. Helclaw or Tigerworm is like the King Black Dragon of Runescape.
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