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  1. In order to play WoW you must: -Have a powerful PC -Spend $40 on the CD -Spend $140 to play for one year -Have lots of disc space for the game -Have a powerful connection In order to play RS you must: -Have a browser You cannot compare the two. WoW is a high tech high cost monster of a game. Amazing graphics and endless possibilites make it the most successful MMO to date. RuneScape is just a java based game. And a damn good one at that. It is the number one java based game searched on google every day. Both games have revolutionized their genres. They just aren't comparable.
  2. that movie was ok but was kind of childish
  3. Codeman15


    note the '/rating'
  4. Codeman15


    looks like a sig test/rating for the sig i made him
  5. i have an abundance of zombies, drunken dwarfs and shades
  6. 11/10 that sig is friggin 1337, nice landscape i've seen in a while
  7. nice sig 9/10 chocobot u r pretty f0xing 1337
  8. i stopped by the media boards every day at school but spent alot of time in the market place. my name was Codeman15 but now I changed it to Codeman15 and if u want to find me in the game, my name is Codeman15
  9. 7/10 those colors remind me of puke
  10. ur sigs own but i like the rune hq one better
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