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  1. I don't really see what is so funny about that. :-s Swap the V and the L around dude Yeah I'm guessing it's more than the letters being switched that has him confused. >.> Please refer to the thread about mature conversations being scarce on rs.
  2. You're probably right about the marketing being intentionally aimed at kids since older people will naturally gravitate to games like wow, eq, vanguard, ff XI, etc, for the eye candy. Either way it's rather irritating for those of us that play who have already graduated preschool. I'm nearly 22 and occasionally I might like to have a conversation about something besides "yu gi oh!" or why I won't be their girlfriend(my character is a girl, and I'm a guy, a concept most of them can't wrap their head around, go figure.)
  3. I'm not sure I could even post the name here. How the person kept the name all the way up to lvl 50 without being reported is beyond me. Never saw em again though so I dunno if they got far beyond that without being banned or not. I'll give you a hint and say it involved a female body part and a word meaning appeal or appetite. Btw, this was back in rsc, when Jagex wasn't quite as careful, but it also took longer to hit lvl 50 combat.
  4. I seem to run into respectable people to converse with every so often. Maybe a couple of times per week. The level of immaturity is indeed appalling though, and I'm sure f2p is even worse. However Jagex has nobody to blame but themselves for the childish player base they've collected. The chat filter is more restrictive than any game I've ever played and they keep replacing words with pictures. I think they're working towards making the game look like those toys with the arrow that spins when you pull a cord and you just click on the pictures. "the cow goes MMOOOOOOO" I mean if they can't even expect the people playing to make up their own mind whether they want to give out their instant messenger or email contact info(which they made against the rules), there is a problem. Jagex is trying too hard to babysit, and it drives the more mature players to other games.
  5. I tried searching for this but couldn't find it. I haven't played rs much for a while, but when I was playing more i distinctly remember there being some servers that most people go to, to play pest control, but I don't remember which ones. Anyone know? I usually play on server 79 but even at near max capacity, there aren't many people playing pest control on there right now, and they're all noobs that don't even know to kill the spinners before attacking a portal.
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