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  1. I coulden't find anything about this breaking the rules so here goes. Webiste: http://myclanforum.net Welcome to MCF Hosting Hello and welcome to MCF hosting! We are pleased to see that you have found a stable host for free. We understand you dont want your website hosted on a 56k connection in someones basement Server Information Intel Core Duo 2 E6600 @ 2.4 GHZ 4GB Ram 100 mb/s connection! 99.9 % uptime What we offer Clan Hosting 50 MB clan webspace 10 GB clan bandwidth 100% free! Personal WebSpace 25 MB personal webspace 2GB personal bandwidth 100% free! Domain Options name.myclanforum.net or Yourclan.com - In this case the DNS is ns1.yphost.com and ns2.yphost.com - Please note we do not do domain name registrations on this website
  2. Wow some people on this thread act like they have never drop traded and/or switched stuff to another account? Get real.
  3. I quit runescape a long time ago and when I quit my account was stolen. I come back to try to get him back and then they ban him. 99 magic, 99 range - I trained at ogres the whole time for 99 range, and magic was high alching. This was the first year Rs2 came out so im unfamiliar with this stuff. Tell me more about that 40m for 80-99 range sounds good ;) Also this mage training area? Is it faster than high alching? Whats the quickest and cheapest and effective eway Thank You guys for the input so far very much. My goal stats are 90 attack, 99 str, 60 defense - with 99 magic/range 105 combat.
  4. Is it faster to pest control range and magic or do it manually? Anyways, as far as magic goes. What is the best way to high alch without losing much money?
  5. Some people that play runescape maybe in the Military, and what if they got called out to go over seas. (Ex. You are a US Marine, and get called to go to Iraq for a year). Should your accounted be terminated because you were on duty? Or even if you just quit because of school, or part time job.. Think that is fair to them? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. People have paid Jagex money to keep there servers running, and they decide to quit, they dont deserve to get deleted. Your runescape Information is probabley 1 KB of space in there SQL, or Oracle DB (Dont know what they use).. IT TAKEs up very little space.. 1000 KB - 1mb 10000 KB - 10 MB 100,000 KB - 100 MB 1,000,000 KB - 1 GB Lets say there are 3 Million registered Accounts taking up 1 KB Space.. 3,000,000 Divided by 1,000,000... = 3.. 3 GB Space is all we probabley take up... Now wow? Jagex cant afford a 40 GB hardrive for $40 USD?? I think not.. This is why they dont do it
  6. lol i was thinking about saying something lke that, but anyways good job with guitar
  7. sorry bmagic, that dont really suit me at all. I dont know why :?
  8. @Khishin - Im not really digging that style, more abstract less smooth and stuff (cant explain) @Swifty-ZG - Very nice, but im not liking the font
  9. Sorry as you can see their is allready somebody doing it for me and he is doing a great job. Ok, but I dont know if you understand you can have it http://s7.invisionfree.com/clanname ) Anyways if you change your mind, or would like to talk about it.. My msn name is [email protected] I would give ya full support, and install custom skins, mods to your forum.. (Ex. Shop mod, cash mod).. These mods make the forum more fun. Like getting Forum cash $$$ for posting, and they can buy stuff to make cool text effects or whatever.
  10. for 7-10m (YeaRLy) -Domain Name (Ex. http://yourname.com ) -Cpanel X (Easy to install forums and stuff) -Full website (Website + Forums) -No ads -Fast Server
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