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  1. Thanks to all you posterers! True but I didn't think it sounded so catchy! :P ~Ian
  2. Hey guys, thanks for keeping my thread afloat! Just got back from holiday (literally just got in the door), am very tired at the moment so I'll keep this short. Sure thing will do! ~Ian
  3. Thought I should bump this. Closing in on 700 skill total, will probably go for 85 woodcut when I reach it. ~Ian
  4. Thanks guys, been out all day but should be able to get a few hours in before bed! ~Ian
  5. I have pretty much abandoned it now. Once I got 99 hunter on Sid, I decided there was no turning back. I want to focus all of my efforts into Sid and achieve this goal. ~Ian
  6. Try using that thread to get help and advice on being perm muted. ~Ian
  7. Sorry but I have to lock this. These threads encourage one-word responses, and don't harbour any real discussion potential, which makes them spam. ~Ian
  8. This thread has come up many times before, and doesn't really hold any discussion potential. Please do a search before creating a new thread on an overused topic. ~Ian
  9. Hey thanks all, a few answers to some of your questions: - Yes I'm using exam randoms too, they really speed up the levelling rate - It took me about 3 months to get 99 hunting, about 3 hours a day - Yes that is me on RSC! I've been posting there for a while now, I've always felt it was a better community as for as G&A went :ohnoes: - Yes there's a 9HP copycat on RSC. It does annoy me people can't think of their own character ideas, but there's not a lot I can do other than ignore them. Thanks, I worked out it will take about 2 years, probably longer if I play inconsistently! ~Ian
  10. Very sad to see you go. In all my time on these forums, I've always looked up to you, but real life must come first, so I hope you sort out your problems whatever they may be. ~Ian
  11. Moved to help and advice, I guess you'll get the best chance of a decent response there. ~Ian
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