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  1. If you guys don't remember, well, I was once a regular poster on this message board. And yeah how I acted in 2015 I completely realize now that it was unwarranted, and I would never act that way today. How much I tried to get pity was pathetic.

    Anyway, I don't play RuneScape anymore, I quit in 2019. The Smithing Rework update was so unbearable to me that I couldn't continue playing.

    Anyway I am thinking about making a video explaining my history on this message board. There is a lot to talk about, so I think it'd be an interesting video to make.

    How have you all been since I was here last time? Doing good? I'm doing great, I have a very successful YouTube career which I'm very damn proud of. And I don't go to the forum games anymore because I have outgrown them, don't think they're fun anymore, and yeah I also caused trouble there and I am sorry about that, I wouldn't do stuff like that anymore I learned my lesson.

    I hope you all are doing well, I'm done well myself.

  2. In January of this year I quit RuneScape and probably quit for good. The smithing rework update ruined the fun for me. The reason I liked fighting monsters is because they dropped interesting things. The rune maces, steel 2h swords, etc. all looked interesting. But it's all been ruined after it changed to salvages, they might high alch for about the same as the old items did, but they look incredibly boring. At the top of that, rune platebodies now high alch for about the same as steel platebodies used to.


    I wanted for so long to fight rune dragons, in fact I was going to after I was done killing 15K steel dragons I was so close in reaching that. But since they now just drop salvages I'm not interested anymore.


    Whether my issues with the smithing rework are good or not is not the point. All I wanna know is that was it just a bad nightmare, or did it really happen? I hope it didn't, since I loved fighting monsters and gathering their drops.

  3. Just a note I will still be going back to this thread every once in a while, but asides from that I'm done with this site.


    No don't go!

    I'm sorry, but there really is no point in using this message board anymore. If I need help with something I can just go to the official RuneScape discord server and I get answers within seconds. As a matter of fact the advice I get there is better than the advice I get on this message board.


    It's been real Blaze. We'll always have the forum games

    Yeah, I'm sorry I don't find forum games fun anymore. I used to but I don't anymore. Even if the forum games were active I doubt I would be there much.

  4. I know I said that I'm done with this forum, but I need to address this.


    The reasons the calculators on this website don't work is because no one is managing the website anymore. No one is there to fix any bugs these calculators might have. Just wanted to point that out.

  5. You know I have been thinking about it, and there is no point in still being part of a website that is for the most part inactive.


    I did leave this website back in 2015 I think, but came back to it later, but now I'm done for good.


    There is no point in going to the help and advice forum anymore. Because I can easily get answers to my questions by going to the official RuneScape discord server. Let me tell you it was fun on this site while I was a member, and I apologize for everything bad I've done on this site, but that's all in the past.


    Farewell, I get now why this site is deserted, there are better options now. So there is no point in keeping being on this site.

  6. I still don't see how wikis and site like reddit serve as a replacement for message boards.


    I mean it's nearly impossible to make long detailed posts on sites like that and being able to navigate those posts easily. So how can that replace message boards?


    I can tell you for a fact that I find it hard to find replies on Facebook statuses, not to mention it's uncomfortable.


    On message boards it's not. So the fact that the site is incredibly inactive now is something I had a hard time believing when I first discovered this site's inactivity and guess what? I still have an extremely hard time believing that.


    I mean I can totally buy the MAIN site being inactive, considering that information is updated daily on a wiki, but the message board, I don't.

  7. I think they wanted to stick with planks that are often used for furniture in real life. Notice that there aren't willow planks.


    Thank you, that explains everything.




    I mean magic trees are real.


    Jagex just hates you dude.


    Let me clarify something, when I said real I didn't mean that magic trees exist in real life. I meant that they are real in the game.

  8. For the most part I hate the Master Clue update as the master clues are frustrating. I will admit though I do like one of the rewards.


    Now I'm worried that because of the existence of this staff, combat magic training is so easy it's almost not worth doing anymore.


    My question is am I right? Thank you.


    I mean blood and death runes haven't been required to do magic combat training in years.

  9. This is something that makes no sense to me. I have never (outside of RuneScape) seen people using bows as a shield as well. So the fact they were previously longbows made sense since that's a longer range than regular ones.


    Why would you even put a shield on a bow? It seems very impractical to me since it can hinder the ability to aim an arrow properly.

  10. Now with most skills in the game based on real life see I can see how it's possible.


    You cook a shark in an oven, just like you do in real life. When it comes to making bows you cut logs and then attach strings to it.


    But with smithing I don't see it. How does melting an ore make it into a hardened one? Usually when you melt something you ruin it.


    And why do you need 2 rune bars to make a rune scimitar and 5 to make a rune platebody? I really don't get that. Do the bars magically attach to each other when you make the items? I'm confused.

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