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  1. happy birthday random guy on the sidebar

  2. Have a great Birthday!

  3. Nah, we encounter each other a few times a year. :-P

  4. it's been a long time friend

  5. returns to lurk in the shadows of the community a few times a year.

  6. The Site and Forums are looking hot, Silver. Glad to see you guys are still going strong over here.

  7. Yeah Your right, She was first. I was confused because he did hold top 99 for a while, turns out he was the first to 15m xp.
  8. The stats he has on the high score list were achieved after the wipe. Pre-wipe he had 99 cooking(I'm certain of, and believe his crafting was high for a long time as well), maybe some others.
  9. Wasn't XxCavalierxX first to 99 Cooking or Crafting? I could swear he was first to 99 in something before the stat wipe.
  10. Ooo, I've got a better one.. I know I'm old school because I mapped the wilderness when it first came out. :P Go ahead, google me. I'm on sites with languages I can't even identify. XD
  11. I know I'm old school but cause I don't have the slightest what your talking about.
  12. R2Keen2


    Steel is the best exp/money for the time spent mining. Higher level metals take too much coal and Iron is a bit to unreliable smelting. Its not unwise to take up magic for high alchemy to get decent return on Steel Chest Plates. It won't cover supplies if you buy but its the closest thing to doing so.
  13. Non-PK Mage The need of runes lead to quick abandonment of that for a weapon though.
  14. I'm pretty sure when dragon mediums appeared they were also obtainable from fire giant. Thats how I obtained the one I had, but i suppose it could have been added to their list a day or two later as well. My memory isn't that good.
  15. I'm aware of the rules, it wasn't a serious entry. Just thought people would enjoy the joke.
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