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  1. blue phat with 603M? not a chance. Maybe if it crashes.
  2. One of my boys from EH told me RSD had a P2P trip, to hunt DI, as shown here. I don't know how long they prepped for, but we did for one day since we got the information yesterday. Knowing all the crap they put up the last time we fought them, we made sure we got everyone possible in case we were about to fight them + RoT again. We went out with about one hundred people and waited for RSD us to rush at greater demons. They rushed and got cleared. After about ten minutes, we got word that they called it off. Suddenly, RoT showed up to crash, but it was too late. Good fight. Starting: DI: 318 RSD: 150 Ending: DI: 328 RSD: 0 Vid: http://files.filefront.com/13852533 50mb/4 mins
  3. My vid (youtube wouldnt let me upload) Its 100m and 19 mins long. Features some of the best irish rap and good rap in general. http://files.filefront.com/13837649
  4. Well after yesterdays repeated 1 itemed, an unhappy RoT official came to Brian and informed him that RoT had a one week preperation pk which was going to take place tonight. Proof can be found: here. This gave us about one hours notice over RoTs week long preperation, but we decided that wouldn't be much of a problem anyway. DI starting people: 100 RoT starting people: 91 RoT set up at world 124 old gate and our spy informed us, we quickly rushed and the fight started. The majority of the fight consisted of DI chasing rot regroups from new gate to old gate and back again. After about 2 hours and 30 minutes, RoT started to move towards the single strip. Shortly after they proceeded to walk out of wilderness at which point we claimed the victory. DI ending people: 85 on ts I'll be honest here, aside from the flaming it was a rather clean fight, so I guess thanks for the clean fight, it would be nice if we could have more of them in the future, im sure its what both clans want. Also thanks to Brutality for the anti crash.
  5. - Video of our little fight with Brutality and RoT one iteming (about minute four). As most of you knew, we had a few days prep P2P trip, hoping that RoT would come out and play with the big boys. Knowing about the trip, RoT decided to prep as well, but that didn't work out that good. They only managed to get thirty nine people to their three day prep. We went out and cleared them about five times today. They didn't put up a fight and just returned in one item. We also ran into Brutality at the start of the trip, and then later into RDK as we were gonna end. Starting: DI; 246 RoT: 117 Ending: DI: 255 RoT: 0
  6. http://files.filefront.com/13810144 or (turn on hq) Length: 7:30 Enjoy
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