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  1. Actually I saved the little thing too....until he got eaten and all.... My freind wanted to kill it, (hes a pansy) so everyone locked him in a closet and hid the scorpion...then let him out the next morning :twisted: And I attempted to care for the scorpion, I gave it the smallest crickets I could find, and even tried to help him catch them. And I had gatherd the fact that it was a scorpion. If you find a stray dog in the middle of no where that looks like it will die, you wont just leave it because you dont know what breed it is will you? And knowing that all scorpions are carnivores it was just a matter of finding something small enough which I did. In the end the only problem was, that the big scorpion ate him... So now once again clarify the extreme differences, like how we both saved them, cared for them, knew basicly what they where, and
  2. Well starting generally going down. Girl Smart; I've dated dumb chicks, but not for relationship reasons Motivated; needs to have goals Realistic; I know so many people who pretend to be nice to people they hate, I cant stand that Self esteem; if not its boring Thats everything important to me, of course there are others, but I dont think they're neccissary. Preferances; Brunette, eater of chick-fil-a....dont ask, and a whole bunch of inappropriate stuff.
  3. Reminds me of animal farm... Without the correlation of the red revolution in russia.
  4. I found the scorpion in the bathroom...and it wasn't dieing there, and I really doubt it was adapted to living in a bathroom. Anyways, I got a domestic scorpion, and everyone told me scorpions aren't canibals....(stupidist sales person ever by the way) But the next day my domestic one (much larger) ate my smaller one... And thanks anyways for all the help...Kreigsmier And Auicroa, I was having server problems.
  5. Could be a bit late don't you think? Quitting won't do you any good once you've contracted a terminal illness. I'm well aware, and more than coverd that issue with the point of, not caring.
  6. I have a tattoo of a crow on my right arm, when I fly planes crow is my tak name, and people often call me that bck on the ground too. my local bar sports a very different drink called crows flight, which I made up when I worked there. But thats the only tattoo I'm getting. I use my scars to symbolize who I am just as much. I have a scar on my face where I was cracked over the head with a bottle. I still have shards of glass in my forehead.
  7. Funny like "haha" I thought of a few more funny things that I've done "some of which I still do occasionaly" Biciclists are a serious problem where I live, every day I see at least 30 people in the middle of the road. And its not that I'm against biciclists in general, its just them. They refuse to let you pass, they feel that not only do they have as much right as you, but they get to decide that your going to be late too. Anyways me and a few freinds bought an old truck and supersoakers/paintball guns. Now me and these other guys lay in the back of the truck and wait for one that wont let us pass, then we nail em :) Also, I've burned down my garage, in highschool I did horrible yet hilarious things to freshmen (taped em to a toilet for instance). Also in highschool I organized the highschool prank with my german teacher, where we took every single chair/desk and glued them to the ceiling. keep the humor coming, its great.
  8. I've been smoking for several years now (think since I was 12) and I've never really concearned myself with health risks, its not that I dont know, its that I'm not worried about death or anything like that. And if it comes down to being a highly important issue, I'll quit. I know I can cause I've practiced. When I was 19 I went a year and a half without a single smoke, and once a year I take a month off. As for this, think about why you want to quit, nothing else ever worked for me. And the gums intolerable to the point where you would rather cough up your own lungs and chew on them. Yes its that bad.
  9. Hey I'm Irish too, and I speak german, and people say its funny to hear someone from America speak german with an irish accent. And I've met many Irish people who arent complete morons, I'd say about the same percent of Irish people are stupid as the rest of the world. Venezuala is a county in south america east of columbia.
  10. Back when I was drinking heavily, and after a long night. I saw my freind passed out when me and a few other guys where walking home. Anyways this one guy I knew said he would pay me $500 to take a leak on my freind. Being, wasted and knowing that he really would pay me, I did it... My freind wasn't that mad, and we're still freinds, but he made me give him half the money.
  11. Its really bad when they ask how you would like to be broken up with first....it just gets really akward. Although I have had alot of "We should break up"...."Yep" "Ok seeya" "bye" Yeah I do ALOT of those.
  12. Me and some freinds went on a road trip and on the way we stopped in South Carolina (yay thats always fun :? ) and while their I found a scorpion that was about an inch long. Does anyone know what kind of scorpion I may have??? Also I cant find anything small enough to keep alive and feed to him yet, any suggestions?
  13. Hmm but I've seen this go in really odd places, now I'm seeing more and more small 13 year old boys wear Tall T's, take every step with their hand in their crotch, and I've heard one of them say "busta cap in yo [wagon]" Now take into consideration these boys are about 4ft tall, with massive head, and weigh about 50 lbs....funny when you think about it...sad when you see it... And Hannibal relax, its an offtopic forum about a game. If you seriously believe that correct spelling and grammer are absolutly needed here then by all means.
  14. If I'm so goddam passive then why the hell did I defend myself from your feeble attack? It was a bad idea ok, it happens. And the fact that you saw that and still continued your childish assualt is by far the most beligerant, arrogant, rude, and pathetic attack at someone I have seen in a long time. The sole fact that you have the audacity to come back and make indirect attacks at me after your little unneccisary temper tantrum is amazing...just amazing. Also you clearly didn't understand what I was saying in the first place. What I was saying is that the majority of RS players are young aggressive impressionable males. And on RS they simply fester, due to being around pure beligerant, arrogant, rude, pathetic behavior. I think I have a few perfect examples. And yes my own I hope you see the problem, I simply posted the first solution which came to mind, but I then saw major flaws in it, for example, it wouldn't work.
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