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  1. What's your avatar supposed to be? Serephurus .... That sounds familiar. Kefka. And hi tripsis!
  2. Oh hai there. A bit of programming, a few beers, and some old memories happen to bring me back here tonight. Many names I recognize here, and many more I do not. It is a bit odd seeing avatars and signatures (let alone usernames) considering a certain magical Image board I visit every day. I hope all you gents and gentle ladies are behaving yourselves.
  3. I need to take the hit gems out and replace them with expertise actually. I am not expertise capped yet. and stamina dosen't help much for mitigation. I could gem nothing but 30+ stam gems and get closer to 43k hp, but I would be getting hit for 10-20k in ICC.
  4. WTF. Are you defence capped too? All these people are getting way above me in HP as tanks. I pretty much took away almost all my pure stamina gems for stam/agility gems, since I get armor and dodge from agility. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Burning+Blade&cn=Arkheart
  5. Except, you know, Fallout 3 was created by Bethseda which created Oblivion. I want to play this game cause I am a big fan of action games, as well as the Divine Comedy.
  6. The voice acting seemed bad the first time I watched the international trailer, but the more I watched it, the more the voices fit with it. I am so pumped for this game. Looks like a huge improvement over XII. Edit: I would also like to mention that the GameFAQs poll for game of the decade has FFX leading. http://www.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.html?poll=3728
  7. This is your game Nadril: http://hko.aeriagames.com/playnow/
  8. Ugh. I don't like raiding anymore. It has just turned into a pugging nightmare where people take it so seriously. I think I will not even attempt ICC. The gear will be obsolete in a year anyway.
  9. ITT: People attempt distance themselves from the psychology of society, and fail. There are exceptions to every normality. But stories like this hold much more truth than credit is given.
  10. It's gonna get to the point where you are strapped into your seat, and you must be patted down and cavity searched every time you have to go to the washroom.
  11. You brought that meme to a new low. Also, please don't troll the forums. Locked.
  12. Does that leather belt come with a measurable enchantment of 4 Stamina and 4 Strength?
  13. Which phone :eek: (I got the HTC Hero and love it). I got: Lots of socks Boxers Lots of dark chocolate A skin for my phone Sweaters Good jeans A dress shirt and tie An electric shaver (Good bye disposables!) $15 for gamestop And a poster that says "You know you play too much World of warcraft when..." :smile: Good times!
  14. Hmm and I thought the objective of the game was to lose. I thought I was playing so well :( . (At least it felt like it). Oh and I lost the game.
  15. D: too many people on the Official WoW forums. It's lagging pretty bad. I foresee server issues tonight.
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