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  1. I've been gone for a few days. Chances to get into my drawing mood have been for the most part taken away but i won't close up shop yet. Expect maybe one or two more signatures (Might do more, or start picking the requests i like). Everybody else shouldn't expect their siganture to be completed any time soon. Sorry, should've ordered earlier :(
  2. Cheers :) eh if you want a mudkip avatar go to this website, i don't draw the mudkipz.
  3. put Mrshinyredplanet's up a while ago.
  4. If you're not on the list i don't have your request.
  5. you should request while you can :shock: lol.
  6. What you couldnt wait 9 more minutes? :D Sorry for making you wait til the end of the day, i'm kinda slow on weekdays.
  7. Ok guys i put a list up so you can get an estimate of when your sig will be done. :) I am human though so... don't worry if i don't meet your time ;)
  8. ahh i think i remember you. lol. Yeah sure i can do that sig lol. \
  9. Fixed and updated on first post :
  10. @RdaKilla: Read first post. I'll only fix his askew stomach because he is kinda jank... :|
  11. Heres that sig for your friend, Rdakilla.
  12. Alright, i pm'd you your sig Von Goon. Use the order form bronco, it's not that hard lol.
  13. sure lol. i'll get to work on those requests tomorrow :thumbsup: EDIT: could you fill out that form, Netgear? I don't think anybody else needs to except that guy who wanted the woodcutting sig...
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