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  1. I've been gone for a few days. Chances to get into my drawing mood have been for the most part taken away but i won't close up shop yet. Expect maybe one or two more signatures (Might do more, or start picking the requests i like). Everybody else shouldn't expect their siganture to be completed any time soon. Sorry, should've ordered earlier :(
  2. Cheers :) eh if you want a mudkip avatar go to this website, i don't draw the mudkipz.
  3. put Mrshinyredplanet's up a while ago.
  4. If you're not on the list i don't have your request.
  5. you should request while you can :shock: lol.
  6. What you couldnt wait 9 more minutes? :D Sorry for making you wait til the end of the day, i'm kinda slow on weekdays.
  7. Ok guys i put a list up so you can get an estimate of when your sig will be done. :) I am human though so... don't worry if i don't meet your time ;)
  8. ahh i think i remember you. lol. Yeah sure i can do that sig lol. \
  9. Fixed and updated on first post :
  10. @RdaKilla: Read first post. I'll only fix his askew stomach because he is kinda jank... :|
  11. Heres that sig for your friend, Rdakilla.
  12. Alright, i pm'd you your sig Von Goon. Use the order form bronco, it's not that hard lol.
  13. sure lol. i'll get to work on those requests tomorrow :thumbsup: EDIT: could you fill out that form, Netgear? I don't think anybody else needs to except that guy who wanted the woodcutting sig...
  14. what do you think lol i've been practicing drawing women. \
  15. sure... what's he wearing? what axe is he using etc? Anything you want for the background?
  16. nope... unless you think it helps. Just tell me what your guy will be wearing, what hes gonna be doing, where hes doing it, etc...
  17. Ok so right now i am accepting sig requests. I got a lot but hey... i get bored sometimes and when that happens i'll work on yours :D Oh but if you're going to request a sig- actually use em because i hate making sigs for people who dont use em it just holds up everybody else that wants one :| Heres a form you guys can use: NOTICE: I don't do edits on signatures unless i can see it was my fault. Make sure that your request is exactly what you want. [quote name="some dude"] Name on signature: People in signature: What people look like: Background: Anything else i should know: [/quote] If you make a poor request that doesn't use the form (or any kind of form) above, then your request will be ignored until you do. I mean come on- i'm making em from the kindness of my heart here! ---------------------------- PENDING REQUESTS // Choosing requests based on how much i like them... 1.) Zoov 2.) SirHartlar 3.) Hawkxs 4.) Skully_Sc 5.) Sara_Mange 6.) xxbamxx 7.) Linkzelda30 8.) Buzioido 9.) Rik 10.) beybladex90 11.) Badphooeybad ---------------------------- Completed: 5. (Most recent first.) Signatures which have not been collected in two weeks will be given away. MrShinyRedPlanet Netgear365 Tripod Von Goon Rdakilla
  18. you win because of anime.
  19. From the looks of your current sig, it's like you've mastered the background, but the characters aren't nearly as coordinated. lol. I mean you did the bg so well that, like unknowz said, those guys look out of place.
  20. Heya! How's it goin lol :XD: glad you like the brushes :mrgreen:
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