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  1. recipe for disaster. funny. nice rewards little something for everybody what is not to love about this quest
  2. the search button is ur friend http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=472978 dam it was beaten to it
  3. neither did i i just heard the sound yesterday when someone teleblocked and attacked me. shame they might have gotten the kill if i had not run 2 levels out of the willdy so they could not attack me
  4. until today i never found the sounds that were added to low detail to be that graet, never had a use for them until today. collecting green d hides in the wilderness over half full when i see to white dots on the mininmap, well i finish off the dragon and ensure that my inventory is open. then i here it the teleblock being cast, hit the ectophile and see the spell is only half way to me. bam in port phytasm. the main point of this post is to say thank-you for the music and giving it to me.
  5. my set up with far too much armour in
  6. You made two topics, we'll use this one. I fixed the image in your post. those stats are good enough for dag kings? if so i might have to try them one day edit added stats
  7. don't let the log out button hit you on the way out. firstly being selfish is natural it is how we survive, secondly were you even logged onto the game when this was happening and lastly if a roll back where to happen now it would take the game back to 7am on 5th of june 2006 over 40 hours before i write this post just think about how many more ppl that could effect, ppl who finnaly beat JAD must do it again. Cursed You would probly loose 99 construction. the sum of money players would losse due to a roll back far outseeds what was lost to the glitch. there is no logical or ethical basis for the rolw back as those were robbed during the bug would get there stuff back at the cost of robbing the stuff from those who gained in almost 2 days
  8. do you have 40 slayer? it is a quest requirment i guess this is where it comes in
  9. Durial does not feature in the hiscores. You have to be in the top 1 million (for any skill) and have a minimum skill level of 30
  10. it reqiures 2 nats and 1 soft clay each and possable the actual runes not just a mud staff so that over 700 for just runes that does not include cost of clay and time
  11. these seem to be getting overlooked by most but what do ppl think of them. my personal belife is that they will be used and will have a price of around 1.5k ea. more than sharks as they can potentally heal more and are stackable but not much more as they only work on bones
  12. move house to relleka. tele to house with gp and axe cut oaks just by portal till u have 24 in inventory go into house and have cook go to sawmill with 16 logs, when she gets back send here with 8 logs whilst making oak benches. finish 6 oak beanches and send cook with them to bank whilst you go outside and chop more logs. very cheap and time effeint
  13. firstly you go to the help and advice board
  14. this is why we need more non-wildy unicorns. and some non-wildy greens period
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