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  1. master wand had its design changed its more harry potter now, proabbly to cater for the 10 year olds that play
  2. i dont get it i get like 6 of those on a task of 70 ankous....? and clue scroll half aint amazing :/
  3. hey shey i havnt logged on in a while just letting u know ur ownage :D and i still love you :) good lucky u little skill haxxer <3 <3 x
  4. can any1 confirm 1)what drops dragon boots where its found 2)wat drops armydyl armour? and where 3)wat drops bandos and where?
  5. who cares im glad theres no quests whenever there is just means a wasted week
  6. you PAY blur who is a webdesigner to design your site oyu then pay a coder one of ym freinds to code it you then stick your conetent in and upload =] empahasis on the word pay =]
  7. its for free 2 play aswell :o i never wanna hear another moan from a f2p player ever again, and this update doesnt intrest me a great deal :-s
  8. jesus flaming christ i think tip it needs to introduce a new rule that no 1 be allowed to mention this again, i swear to god this is the 100th time ive seen this on theese forums and its really annoying :/
  9. well thats very depressing that i have to do a quest :(, oh well atleast ill be able to finish barb training now aswell
  10. do i have to finish the quest :(
  11. the ahchievment diary asks u to cook a karambwan thouroughly, im just wonderng how does one go about such a task :/ ive used it on a range yet i only get burnt or poisioned please help ps im sure this is wrong forum if so im sorry please move accordingly <3 :wall:
  12. leaving barrows spear on floor aswell i never did get it back :(
  13. was about to say that kid scored but by that picture ewwww, meh [kitty] is [kitty] i guess good on him (Y)
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