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  1. I'm willing to spend 500K-1M. Just plain bracelets?
  2. I need 56 Smithing I have 53 at the moment any help is appreciated.
  3. How should I get 56 to 59 mining.
  4. This is kinda scary because I was thinking of getting a tattoo. But, I'm not getting anything complex like angel wings. I'll probably get like the Chinese symbol for Friendship, loyal, or optimistic.
  5. Could somebody give me a good setup for fire bolting metal drags? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. How does super heating steel bars work?
  7. I need some tips on how to get my magic from 63 to 66 for swan song.I have 1M to spare so give me your suggestions.
  8. What the [bleep] is wrong with that screenie? (exept that it's jpg) Well the screen on my laptop is broken that must be the reason why, I guess I won't be posting no more pics until I resolve this issue.
  9. Are you curious and wonder how its done?Not one bit. Do you think it's an evil thing? Not exactly "Evil" more like it's just low. Do you think it's alright even tho you get banned as soon as you turn a bot on? Yes because the game was made to have fun whats the point of letting your computer have fun. Or can't you even be bothered about it? I'm not exactly bothered by it if people wanna let a computer play a game for them its their choice.
  10. I think we should have dual hook swords like those monks used on deadliest warrior if anyone watches that show, that would be super awesome wicked. Heres a Pic
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