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  1. But what's better than sailing? Space travel of course! OMGADS WE GET TO VISIT RUNESCAPE'S MOONS! PROOF: Seren is the Crystalline Entity from TNG. She traveled to Gielinor to consume all life on the planet, but then she met the Elves and fell in love. <3: There is an Observatory, and the Observatory Professor is in fact Jodie Foster.
  2. Woah woah woah "a lifetime RuneScape membership". I had no idea the prize was a lifetime RUneScape membership. Hell, if I knew that then I would have entered the competition my self.
  3. Most celebs are rich and can afford playing games other than RuneScape. I'm sure there are probably some that play RuneScape, but chances are most of them are playing games like Halo 3 and World of Warcraft.
  4. I see the OBVIOUS one there, of course. However. If you look close enough, you can also see the Prophet Muhammad
  5. I think you missed the actual faces in that image. Take a look at that small rock above your face. Large nose, eyes, everything. Kind of like those Easter Island heads.
  6. That's not fair for 19+ players. Especially those that don't live anywhere near Cambridge(Ie. Other side of the world). :(
  7. I think they should call it MechDawn. That way everyone is half happy.
  8. Nope. This weeks update was just an update to the grand exchange website page. They removed a few categories and did a few adjustments. I wouldn't really call it much of an improvement, but it's very low key.(They mentioned it in Recent Updates).
  9. Let's Discuss! You fool! You're playing right into Jagex's hands! If Jagex tweeted about jumping off a bridge, would you? :lol:
  10. I think it might be awesome if another time travel quest was added to the Meeting History questline. Something that allowed us to go to the future and get some future-RuneScape weapons and armour. Maybe some laser swords. How cool would it be to have a sword that glows?
  11. I recall RuneScape players have been trying to get Jagex to add boomerangs for quite a few years now(I think all the way back to early RS2, I don't recall anyone talking about them in Classic). But I think Boomerangs would be great. Wooden boomerangs, and then metal boomerangs all the way up to the Dragon Boomerang. They would have to be much weaker and slower than halberds though, just so Halberds still have a purpose. ALSO: Someone said they don't see how rifles could be added.. Well rifles aren't much different than crossbows. They're just much stronger really(Except you probably couldn't poison the bullets or enchant them[silver bullets would be awesome though]). If Final Fantasy games and most fantasy MMORPG's can get away with rifles, then RuneScape can get away with having them too. I'm in favour of rifles AND hand-cannons. Spice up the game a little!
  12. RuneScape has several different weapons, but it still feels like the selection of weapons are very limited. So my question is, what weapon or weapons would you most like to see added to RuneScape? (Putting stats aside) I think I'd like to see a Buster/Great Sword(Something massive like that) and perhaps Rifles(Maybe rifles modified to look dwarven). We just don't have any oversized weapons, and I think that would really add to the atmosphere. Rifles would give the game a more fantasy feeling so fewer people would mistake RuneScape for a medieval game.
  13. RuneScape was like the only MMORPG where you couldn't sit down. It's really about time!
  14. Don't flatter yourself. I've seen people with the names "Kill KingX", "BlackKingz", and a few other people with similar names. Even though I have played much longer than them I am certain none of them are "fanboys". With so many people that play RuneScape and so few names to choose from it's likely several names might end up being similar. :lol: I wouldn't be surprised if there actually were a couple names similar to "Zezima" that are just similar because of a fluke and not because they're fanboys or trying to pretend they're him.
  15. Is this a joke? All of the art they gave to tip.it and other fansites has been here: http://jagex.com/corporate/Press/imageAssets.ws for months now. LOL
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