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  1. All good things must come to an end... Just post how and when you would Imagine the end of Runescape and Jagex. How would the players react to your scenrio? My scenrio would be that JageX would ether leave Runescape for future sucessful Mechscape (as RSC was left for RS2) As far as the end of both I would have to say, bankruptcy. After Jagex is seeing that they will no longer hold up as a company, they decied to sell Runescape. The new company would then take over Runescape but fail to do things players used to like (I.e. updates, customer support, banning players). With the same contant that would not be updated and Autoers marcoing to 99, Runescapes population would begin to dwindle at an increasing rate untill the players were in 100s. At which point Runescape would be turned offline, once the number of players went below 100. "For that dreadful day when you type Runescape on your search bar and get the 404 page..."
  2. Its all really about your preference. Try both methods out and see which one you feel more comfortable with :thumbsup:
  3. Kind of off topic... but heres a fun fact. On the GE Description the Ranging Amulet is described as :
  4. The worst clue I ever got was some chaps, and 7 choas runes... :|
  5. Well I havent Pked in about 2 years or so I decied to test out my recovered account (Rs Arrow) to see how I would fair up. Long Story Short: I failed. 8-) Not Once, but twice (I died). For the most part I understand that it all takes some getting used to, and I mean 82 range isnt really going to shatter full rune... (Keep in mind this is F2p) My question today is, what would be a good level for ranging level for f2p (I am currently training to 85 range :glare: ) My 2nd question is where are some good solo spots? I dont really like edge to crowded (At least for now until I get used to the system) :? I was also wondering if people still go deep in the wildy by themselfs. I used to hunt people in 30 - 40 wildy back in the day and I was wonder if they still go up there or just hang around the hot spots (Varrock, Lumby, Edge, ect)? I am level 77, with 82 range, 44 defense, 74 hits, 42 prayer, 62 attack and 70 strength... (Yes terrible stats :shifty: ) Thank you in advance :)
  6. That was brilliant. It's sad they got their act together and stopped doing that -.- Also, I'm pretty sure the wilderness always had a warning? Maybe I'm just not remember correctly :oops: Yeah the wilderness always had a warning. It was a black box in rsc. I remeber when the quote "I killed a black knight" was impressive and something to brag about.
  7. Has anyone ever heard rumours of celebs on runescape or anything of such? I once heard that Jessica Simpson's boyfirend played RS. They said that in this Tv Show she had that he was seen playing RS on his laptop... I mean if jagex said they had over 1mil active accounts it could be possible. :
  8. I dont doubt there is girls on RS, but I've yet to see one IRL playing RS... :?
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