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  1. ill say that i have been using them alot and yes they do on ocation give me yeilds when there equipped! alot more herbs, i have had 2 farm rounds of 38 herbs from all 4 patches totaled, that by far is more than i was getting before i had the magic secs. before i was barely getting about 25 per round, you make the call but dont forget to equip them before you pick your crops.
  2. Ok from my stand point, there really shouldnt be a rule 8 to be broken, why you may ask, simply for this rule is abit insane, who really cares if someone trades items within there characters, lets be honest here.. its abit sad to think someone would get banned for something so little,why would someone do this, oh maybe bank space .. good enough reason to do it, umm trading scammed items ... ya thats to bad that happens but still not worth banning someone cause they have a mule, and really anybody that feels trading to a mule or whatever they choose to do with there own items, really shouldnt matter to anybody but ther people that choose to do with there items, If your a person that doesnt do this thats fine, nobody is asking you to trade within yourself, and dont down someone for trading withing themselves its there choice, but my main concern is that jagex really needs to step back and not worry about item trading, because if people get so serious over something so small and freak out and say oh hes bad and he shouldnt do that well lets just say that someones taking this issue behond what it needed, but for the most here that just go on about it being 2 accounts one for him one for daughter, thats fine ill go wtih that, but it shouldnt have to be figgured out to why he did what he did or whos characters they are, simply this rule 8 is over rated and thats my opion, there is much more worse going on with other cheats and scams going on than some little trading between characters .... just want to say w000peeeee :P anyways glad you got your character unbanned, it was rightfully so and hope you never have to deal with this again .
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