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  1. Hi there, I'm thinking of getting back into RS3, what's the highest tier of melee armour that you can buy as a member that you don't have to repair? I notice that alot of armour requires you to take it to Bob to fix it.
  2. I think a few of us have been here for well over a decade.
  3. One image, I think that's all that needs to be shown in order for people to see how greedy jagex have become.
  4. moss giants at pirates cove is pretty decent exp & pretty fun. Every now & then you get long bones and tons of seeds. I always kill them there when im bored, theres at least 20+ moss giants + pirates there, multi combat zone and yet it's deserted every time i visit. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: fun nonetheless.
  5. the "fastest" way to level ranging is to kill either yaks, fire giants, black dragons, green dragons or blue dragons with mith bolts or better (with the yaks, bone bolts work fine and any range item(s) above steel vs yaks is a waste....) have fun.
  6. making steel or iron arrows or knives isn't to bad. I remember a few years ago, I mined 7.6K iron ores, I made them all into bars and made arrows from them. I still have 30K iron arrows left lol. Iron knives on the other hand sell pretty good as do iron darts (and I've sold over 60K iron darts last week alone). Or you can buy iron ores and mine coal and then make steel bars and turn the bars into steel plates and alch them.
  7. can any one help me with clue scroll? I dont know where a bloody cart is at in varrock.
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