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  1. So, it appears my account still works on here. If I have any old posts you can find, please don't judge my stupid 11 year old ass :(.
  2. if it's your first 1.8m drop in your 5 years playing, its 1.8m every 5 years which is terrible cash MHing, this belongs in the drops sticky :roll: :thumbdown: it says in the sticky if I think its good enough to put in here then I can, so I did. This was the first time ive been item hunting from a monster too. So for my first ever trip MHing its great cash.
  3. we did but its a clan event so it was for anyone who turned up :) After this drop I plan on going in smaller teams for more hilts :ohnoes:
  4. if 1.8m a hour was easy everyone would be rich :thumbsup:
  5. doesnt mater how much i got from it, still made 1.8m in a hour and the point is what the drop is and its my first ever decent drop.
  6. Went with the clan tonight, was my person best ever drop, never had anything better than rune before now in the whole 5 years I've played rs. But My time came and I'm happy now =]
  7. razzzzzza

    99 wc

    it isnt good for quick money, but it is good for money if you cut from 75-99 magic logs thats over 50M so its worth it if you want slow money and a 99 but it is very slow...
  8. I can't even comment really never had d claws but they do look pretty awesome the spec looks awesome 4 hits, you could max hit on 3 of them and have the target hangin on by a thread but the dds can also have the same effect with its specs used all in one and you get a shield/defender so its close I guess.
  9. I'd sell it lowest price you can just leave it up then and buy it again 2-3 months when its price has steadied
  10. Whats junk trading? Im unfamiliar with the term
  11. I like to ignore all the immature children who come out with the most stupid comments. Like a person was telling me an evil chicken gives more exp than a firegiant, I tried explaining how it didn't and his response was always "but its got more hp so its more xp".. Things like that I'm beggining to ignore now. Very Irritating
  12. I was just thinking this the other day lol :) I was getting money to buy duplicates of everything :
  13. I was talking to someone in fishing guild about RSC yesterday made me miss it, I'd forgot how awesome it was :thumbsup: We were talking about all this mentioned how it all worked like sleeping bags and dueling anywhere. We said they should make a cape for RSC veterans that would be awesome. When I started rsc I didn't even know what to do I was lost playing it lol I ran round dieing from goblins to start lol or just mined constantly at al kahrid.. :( I lost that old account though a long time ago can't even remember know though but it had the name Razzzzzza, lost it in the new RS because I'd trained slayer on it :thumbsup:. I do miss RSC though lol
  14. I played RSC when it was out and lost the account I had for it which wasn't too good so I had to start over on RS2 (this is going back a while) but after playing both from the start and getting to decent level each has its ups and downs and I would be happy to play either but I do miss a lot of the RSC like the good old coal certs :( lol
  15. giving away a sants and a green mask when I though I was quitting for life :(
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