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  1. easy the buggati did you see it on top gear? how do you "use" a formula 1? right click it and select "use" from menu Lmao, owned :mrgreen:
  2. Nice, everyone is just viewing, im sure some of u have some thoughts about it so post them please.
  3. Hahah, thats so true.. I cant stand the taste of any wine, theres only 1 white wine that i can say is good, its called El Tiempo, very cheap but yet so tasty, fruity mmmmmmm
  4. Yea thats tru, i just forget to mention about it #-o
  5. Yeah, moaning to other players \ I mean wth? What do these kids get for whining to other players? Some kind of satisfaction that they cant have in real life because they are failed irl maybe? Or i guess it's just a nowdays trend amongst these 10-15years old kids..
  6. Personally i dont have any routines what i do every time i play, except i just keep examining things eventho i may be examined that thing like 1000 times before :roll: Idk, its just a habit.. :D
  7. Sorry about the topic, its kinda bad... Ello, ive been reading these forums now again after a few months, and still see ppl saying how rsc was better in this and that. I agree, we cant never have it back what we had back then, but maybe its just time to move on...? You see, i was a pker at RSC and wasnt really into skilling, and couldn't take that very well that we had to move on RS2 wich's pking system just blowed, slow r2h, fighting with rubbish scimmys etc, i guess u get the point. Anyway i still moved to RS2 and pked a while at the start until i realised that it was bull****. So i had to start skilling then since i really liked the game somehow, trust me, it isnt that bad, just give it a try, it might take a while to get into it but its worth it, i really enjoy it nowdays and like RS2 very much. Oh, and the community is far away from RSC times, but hey, do u really have to care is someone calls u noob etc over internet..? Before i cared, but nowdays i couldn't care less. And im sure most of us were like 13-17 years old at those golden years, so it pissed off many of us that time, now most of us are grown young adults so we shouldnt take that internet insulting so seriously.. Just give RS2 a try, its fun.
  8. Lmao RS2 pking hasnt ever been about honor, everyone teleports, prays etc, (no, im not saying that they dont have the right to do so, but some of u gets the point) Lets say like at 2002-2003 was great pking years at classic, that time it was about honor and respect, if someone teleported, or logged, he will be remembered, and if it was a top pker, within a day every well known pker would know about it. Now at RS2, no-one would give a ****, because everyone is doing so.
  9. opu

    Noob or Nerd?

    I get it what ur saying, i hate it too, no matter what u do, ur some sort of noob anyway \
  10. tks hacked btw Hacked, really? I just thought she quited and moved to halbreath (or what was the name of the game lol :thumbup: )
  11. lol f00k : ur like the only guy in rs who i can except for something like that. And i bet fook had/have his own little unerground farm too in his house :lol:
  12. Eventho im left handed, i can do everything as good with right hand \
  13. Ive never believed these drop rates, u either get it or not.. If the drop rate for kbd is lets say 1/8000, u could kill them like 15k without still getting one.. Its all luck u know?
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